Friday, March 18, 2011

Almost Spring

This is a project that Ben brought home from school. It displays the story from the bible in which Jesus feeds a crowd via a small boy who brought 5 rolls and 2 fish. Well, I noticed that Ben's picture only had 4 rolls and I asked him where the 5th roll was and he proudly told me that he ate it.
Yesterday afternoon was beautiful, so we decided to spend some time on the back deck to get some fresh air. I love this pic of Ben & Livy.

I tried to take a pic of the 3 kids together, but it didn't work out so well. This was probably the best of several attempts so I considered myself: defeated.

Isabelle is learning about states in school right now. She just did a report/poster on Texas. Isabelle and Ben just love playing with and learning from a great magnetic map and a giant puzzle of the states that they received for birthday gifts last year (thanks Sarah P.!)

and finally we come to this pic of the moment. Can we spell: t r o u b l e ? cuz this kid has it written all over her agenda. Not only is she a major climber (I can't even keep her in her play gate/gym anymore unless super supervised cuz she can get to the very top), but she also got into my birdfeeder...deciding it would be best to spread the seed amongst the deck instead of keeping it in the feeder (actually a treasured bird bath that was broken that I hot glued, duct taped and painted to keep it functioning for now). At least she didn't try to eat the bird seed. Today I am making a baked potato for lunch. Today I bought myself some nice flip flops since I have no summer foot gear to speak of. Today if I get a good amount of cleaning and organzing done, I may paint a little in the afternoon. My corned beef and cabbage turned out o.k. yesterday. I do love the irish soda bread though. I made a new recipe this week that I most likely would not make again cuz it was kind of yuk. well not yuk but just below average: chicken enchildas from the campbells soup can. I let Ben bring a Tent to his show and tell today since it was the letter "T". I am a glutten for punishment, I suppose. Got it there, just hope I can manage to get it home. Yesterday, I told Ben to go put his dish at the sink and he didn't want to so he came over and hugged me and asked me: Whose my sweetheart?? ((where does he get this from?)). Although he was adorable , I did not fall for his shinnangigans (sorry if spelled wrong). Yesterday he also asked me what the stinky smell was when he came in the house. I answered: dinner (I agree, it did smell). Why do I always feel required to make banana bread when I have ripen bananas? I have to get back to the gym. I made a bowl out of magazines. Isabelle told me that they did special prayers at school for Japan because they had a Salami. - K, off to work I go.

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