Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Don't Give Up on Me!

Disney Store shopping Spree with Grandma! Lucky Ducky Kids!
Visiting Uncle Al at the Chicago Fire House that he works at.

Ben Celebrating Turning FOUR (4) !
1st day of school for my munchins. Isabelle in 2nd grade and Ben in 3 full day preschool.

Beautiful Olivia approx. 4 months of age...or so.
So, thanks for not giving up on me. I have not updated in awhile. Im a slacker. A blogger neglector. Yes, it's true I didn't even consider updating for such a time because the end of summer was truly non stop overwhelming. But, I now do see a light at the horizon....a beacon of hope that time, although may not be abundent, may be at least...enough. enough to breathe again and maybe clean and organize a bit as well. We ended our summer with a vacation, 2 birthdays, a trip to chicago for a week, a family wedding shower....and visiting family at our home for a week. It was all truly wonderful!!!!! But it was nonstop. It was so good to see and bee with so many special people these last few weeks of summer, from the bottom of my heart to the top of my soul , I am so grateful. Old friends, new friends and many special family members... these moments are truly cherished. I thank everyone who hosted and welcomed us, I thank everyone who came to be with us. How treasured and blessed are we? I truly realize in the moments in which smiles, laughter and even tears are shared. Anyway...School has started and it is about time (jK..yet a tad bit serious). Routine is good. very very good and I am looking forward to everything that comes along with school. The uniforms, the packing lunches, the earlier bedtimes, the homework...bring it on ! Olivia is as follows: at 4 months she was 14 lbs. I can start cereal at anytime now. I am waitng for a quiet, peaceful moment when it is just her and I and the new grub. I think that is the best introduction to such a change....verses the kids bouncing her and screaming in her ear..cheering her on...... a silent experience will be much better accepted I am sure. Livy is now making so many noises and smiles, etc. She is grabbing her feet all the time which is adorable and she is such a joy. The biggest new for me that I have to report is that we finally joined a local gym that has child care. I can't tell you how much this means to me and how long I have waited for such an opportunity. I was trying to walk with the kids/stroller in the park as much as possible this summer, but that didnt go very far with the extreme heat and much rains. Now, I have a wonderful opportunity to work out child free and it is amazing. I have been going as much as I can within the child care limits and my schedule and althoguh I have just begun, I already feel so much better in so many ways. My energy level, my belief and hope in has been hard work, but good work. I know I have a long way to go to feel great, but I am on the path and I am taking it one day at a time. I most look forward to my first Zumba class! Schedule wise, I have not been able to attend one yet, but hopefully soon...and I have a feeling I am going to love it. Other news with me is that of course I cannot do it all, I can't keep the kids straight , the house clean and everything else on my agenda without something suffering...because there is only so much time in the I have decied to close my Etsy store once again. Although this saddens me beyond belief, I knw that is the thing that must go. I am going to still try and paint and do other art as I cant and I hope when I get a handle on things, that I can focus some energies to those passions but for kids, home and health are my priority. Art and creatiivity will have to wait and that's o.k. Also, social time for the most part will have to be on hold as well. I need to focus and take care of things. I pray for strength and direction as I go about my upcoming days. So, I have rambled...and I'm sure I have much more to say, and I know I have more detailed updates to give, but for now, I have to put some clothes in the dryer , some dishes away and a baby to bed. So goodnight family and friends. Thank you for putting up with me and loving me through it all. :)

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