Sunday, August 29, 2010


Alfresco - is a fancy word for eating outside. It took me reading a Fancy Nancy book with the kids to realize this term. All my life I never even considered what this word meant, but now I know. I think it might be my new favorite word. hey, so and so, why don't you take that darn watermelon and eat it Alfresco since it's too messy to eat in the house. Yes, you and all the juice and seeds must go Alfresco! now I mean it! post haste, little one, scadattle. yes, I like this word.

So, today I really kicked butt on home chores. I went through endless papers and wondered to myself time and time again, why the hell did I save this? no purpose, no point , makes no sense , yet it remains in a pile of clutter. Two garabage bags later (yes seriously, that's how bad it was), I am pretty much paper clutter caught up. Also got a good amount of laundry and dishes done as well. See what a little air conditioning can do for a person? gives a whole new energy of productivity. It's amazing.

Tonight the kids and I danced in the kitchen, it was so fun. we spinned and giggled, hopped and jumped, twisted and pulled to some wonderful music. what a joy. If only I remembered to do this with them more often. :)

So the report of my first Zumba class: I LOVED it. I truly truly loved it. It was exactly what I expected and more. It was fun and it was such an amazing work out. It was hard work, but it was good work. It felt so right to be there. Sure, I don't know what the hell I am doing, but it doesn't matter. It truly does not matter. I know there will be more Zumba in my future and I cannot wait!

Yesterday was a horrible day as far as: my poor little baby girl. Olivia cried almost the entire time she was awake. I held her 80% of my day. She was miserable and I have no clue what was wrong with her. Usually no matter what I can settle her and make her happy. Nothing was working. I was a little scared, but I prayed and I prayed and I prayed that she would feel better and that I would know what to do to make her better. Well, she slept through the night and woke up mostly good in the a.m. Not as happy as usual, but I got some smiles and that is something that I sorely missed from the day before. She seems o.k. There was no temperature. We think she possibly could have some allergies that were really bothering her? I know my throat hurts like heck, Noah's allergies are bothering maybe. maybe her tummy hurt ....I honestly still don't have a clue, I just know that she is better now and I am so thankful.

Tomorrow starts another school week. Kids are cleaned, planned (clothes) and packed, they just need to be fed in the a.m. and pushed out the door. :). Goodnight family & friends. May your resting thoughts be light and may your dreams be lovely.

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