Friday, August 06, 2010

Field of Dreams

"This field, this game, is a part of our past. It reminds us of all that was once good, and it could be good again. Oh people will come. People will most definitely come" - from the movie field of dreams. ..and yes we came. As part of our Iowa trip, we decided to stop here for Ben mostly. Well as you can see from this picture Ben was too upset to be happy after he realized that we didn't bring his glove/ball/bat and he couldn't go play on the field. He was also upset that he couldn't get a jersey from the gift shop. I wish he could have been happy while we were there, but I understand his disappointment. He is just a little boy who wanted to play ball. :) Although it is only a movie set, there was honestly something beautiful and magical when we pulled up to this place. Everything clean and crisp, safe and happy (well besides Ben). There is definetly something special going on there. :)

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