Saturday, August 28, 2010

sat. early a.m.

Good Morning! The Children happily survived their 1st week of school...and so did I! It was a good beginning and we are all looking forward to what's coming up next. Isabelle says she can't wait to get homework because she loves homework (I will enjoy this attitude while it lasts and hope it does last as long as possible). Her favorite part of friday was : everything! Ben's favorite parts of his Friday were: Being read the story No Gavin (while I discovered was actually No, David) and also getting a popsicle.

I hope we have some very hot days coming that the house air conditioning is working! (just in time for fall). I have decided that red grapes are way better than green grapes and thats the truth....and I wonder if that's why I like red wines way better than whites? I've realized lately that I have not been paying attention or noticing the birds lately. I wonder if they are still abundent as usual or if I have just pushed them back in my brain. I think I am out of birdseed and that has been the sudden drop in the flying society or maybe its because we have curtains now so I don't look outside as often as easily... So, Im feeding the baby, drinking coffee and then off to my 1st Zumba class!

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Anonymous said...

Rock that Zumba!!! LOVE your blog and love you!! :)