Saturday, August 29, 2009

misc. roundup

This is Ben a few weeks back, trying on my brother's fireman helmet. My brother is in training right now for the Chicago Fire Department and we are all so very proud of him! Ben has also taking a special shine to fireman/trucks lately! He especiallly gets excited if he sees a truck go by. Good Luck Al, we know that all your hard work will pay off and you will succeed wonderfully! Now we are going to have to paint Huntley white with black spots!

On the homefront: let's see. It's the moment. Paul & Celia (aka grandparents, hehe) took the kids for an overnight last night. They had a fun filled evening planned that included: hot dogs, ice cream, popcorn, movies. Noah and I decided to go on a sort of date. We went out for dinner: mexican. I had tacos. boring I know. Noah has faijitas. Then we proceeded to blockbuster to pick out 3 flicks to buy/watch. We choose : New in Town (my minnesota friends recommended it), slumdog millionaire (sorry I dont feel like looking up any spelling today and yes we are behind the times by finally seeing this) and Milk with Sean Penn. We watched New in Town. Cute. Ya can't really complain about Harry Connick Jr. Then we decided to watch Slumdog ...and I will have to report on that some other time since I fell asleep about half way into it. So back to this morning, I am drinking orange juice and enjoying the silence.

This week was so busy with getting the hang of school and LOTS of RAIN. Here's some kid tidbits since I don't really know what else to share at the moment. I have been trying to write down their funnies more lately because I have been a slacker for quite sometime. By the way I did get a call from Isabelle's school this week asking if she wears glasses, that she was saying that she couldn't see the blackboard. Those who know my daughters plight, it is her biggest dream to get glasses and with a recent eye exam a few months ago (when we addressed this obsession in kindergarten) she receieved an analaysis of 20/20 vision, pefect seeing. Just wanted to let you know that this issue has resurfaced. Onto other rambles: Isabelle asked me this week (related to previous): How do you pick your glasses if you can't see? The other day after Ben got into some trouble, I asked Ben what I am going to do with him and he responded very enthusiasticly, "Put me in the car and a time out!" I asked Isabelle to describe to me a girl she was speaking of recently and she said as follows: "Well, she has blondish brownish hair and a couple of loose teeth, but I can't remember what color her eyes are." (well thanks, that description was a huge help, I know exactly who you are talking about now! hehe). This week at one of our dinner times, Isabelle started eating and Ben decided to yell at her: Isabelle! You have to say the PWEAR! hmm! and he fold his hands (It is Isabelle's job to say the prayer...I wonder if we should pass some duties onto Ben , haha).

In other thoughts: I don't know why I even put napkins or silverware out for the children at mealtime. It goes unused or on the floor so either way that's a lose lose for me. I think my children have gotten extra loud latley and I think I have found many more new grey hairs. Something in my kitchen was smelling horrible for the last day or so, I think I have finally rid the situation (I hope) at first I thought it was food in the garbage but then I have discovered these towels under the sink that are wet and seem to have something on them! So I threw those away (not in the kitchen garbage) in hopes of clean air. I hate when something like that is a mystery..but i guess it keeps my skills sharp. o.k., I am off. The day awaits and time is fleeting. Happy Saturday ya-all

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