Monday, August 17, 2009

Rainy Monday

Flowers From a Friend's Garden.
What I believe to be Ben's favorite birthday present: Batman

Random Thoughts & Notes on this Rainy Monday Morning:
The coffee does not taste so great this a.m. and I did not sleep well last night at all. Yesterday, I had Ben get undressed, I picked up his pile of clothes that he left behind only to find that he was wearing 3 pairs of underwear under his shorts! Little weirdo - lol. I can't wait to see the Julie/Julia movie that I hear great things about, I have been invited a couple different times, but still have not been able to go. :(. I love that Ben still rubs the satin edging of his favorite blanket, It reminds me that he is still my baby. Both kids are now offically up by the way so not sure how much my typed thoughts will translate properly due to constant interruption, noise and delay. When summer is over, I will not miss the constant tracks of chalk from shoes that goes through my living room floor. Tonight is Isabelle's open house at school to meet her teacher. We are very excited. I am thrilled to start the school year. I am so ready to get into routine with the kids, I think we all function so much better that way. The looseness of summer is super in it's own way of course but it's not what I truly desire. Garden: thanks to the darn ground hogs, we have no flippin green beans this year. In my strive to recoginize gratitude in all situations, I am thankful for the other produce that has produced. Speaking of flippin - yesterday we were out to breakfast with Aunt Mary and after we decided on a whim, that we could still make it to church. Well, I was wearing my napoleon dynomite "flippin sweet" t-shirt and had not showered, so we opted to sit in the very back of the church. As I struggled to keep the children at bay, Ben managed to visit with several families in surrounding pews rather than to sit nice with us, luckily they were all so kind and welcoming to his impromptu and uninvited involvement in their space and religious experience. Quite challenging that boy, have I mentioned? Last night Noah made chicken Parm. from scratch - it was excellent. Of course with a great meal, many dishes come along and that's my job. Sometimes I would rather just have a bowl of cereal. I need to order lots of pictures. Speaking of pictures, I haven't had time to scrapbook in ages. This makes me sad. I miss it. Ben has just made Isabelle cry. Let's find out the reason. He is saying he is sorry, that it was an accident. She just informed me that he hit her in the nose with his batman. I am anticipating my favorite time of year approaching - fall. For countless reasons, it is the best season of all in my book. Related: I can't wait for MOPS to start up again. Right now, I am searching my soul regarding a neighborhood situtation. I am praying for the answers of the best way to handle something that is bringing me much confusion and stress. It is a challenge that I want to handle properly. So I am opening my heart and quieting my thoughts, to what is really going on and what really needs to be done and what part I play in this scenerio. Ben just put his fruit snacks int the back of his little semi-truck. I should make some more coffee. So here I have rambled and rambled, I know this post may give a negative vibe..but I do not feel negative...I am just entertaining and sorting some thoughts that are dancing around in my noggin. I am thankful for a beautiful day ahead with no major requirements or obligations. A day for the kids to play free and for me to get done what I can within my power. Good day my friends. :)

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