Friday, August 21, 2009

2nd day of School Notes

Here we see Miss Isabelle looking out the window, waiting to get in the car and leave. She could not wait to get to school this morning and so we left early!
Ben dressed himself this morning and just could not understand why he was not going to school today. He wanted to go to his class today too and was pretty disappointed that he could not.

I missed getting a picture of Isabelle with her teacher yesterday, so I made sure to get one today. When I left Isabelle this morning, she was talking her teachers ear off about her weekend plans....
The new park district program came out and how neat to find the Children featured on the halloween page! Last fall, the park took their picture while we were at an event and asked if it could be used in publications. So cool! I grabbed a few copies. hehe
Today is actually sweatshirt/sweater weather! I ordered some pictures, can't wait to pick them up. I have dreams of scrapbooking again someday. goodbye for now. :)

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sal said...

ready for school early?? i don't get it. my kids are always last minute. we're NEVER early! hehe. such cute pics!! love them!