Tuesday, August 11, 2009

park fun & other notes

One of our favorite activities at the park. Duck. Duck. Goose.
We forgot some bread today. :(
Isabelle on her new bike. She absolutely loves it. She wanted red. The only red bike available was a boys bike. She does have a pink princess seat, helmet and pads though! hehe

Isabelle swinging on a new part of the park.
Ben riding his Big Wheel.
This was fun. We should do it more often!
The park was beautiful this morning. I figured we might as well get in as much as we can before school starts. Speaking of school, we stopped by the school offices yesterday to turn in some final paperwork and we found out who Isabelle is getting for a teacher and saw her classroom. We also got a tour of the whole building and then stopped by Ben's school and he got to see his classroom and meet his new teachers (Isabelle's preschool classroom and teachers!). So that was fun and exciting for us all. We are gathering school supplies and trying to get into a routine as the big day approaches. Ben has a dr. appt. scheduled for Thursday to make sure he is in tip top shape to enter the learning enviornment. This saturday, Ben will turn 3 years old! Everytime I ask him how old he will be, he says: 6. I ask him what he wants and he says: Toys. Today we picked up some spiderman plates/napkins/decor for just a simple/home/family celebration for this weekend. I got up at 4ish today....I really wish I could take a nap. I don't think there is a chance of that...

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could get up at 4 in the morning....I wish I was having a spiderman celebration....I wish I had a cool red bike...oh wait I have one