Wednesday, August 26, 2009

dancing cousins

I got to help in Ben's classroom this tuesday! Here he is with his teacher, showing and telling about his: george. I must say, that being in this room with approx. 15 three year olds....was extremily Exhausting! It was also so fun too, I would do it again in a second!....but, not every day.

Today: It's rainy. It's a home cleaning day for sure. Mopping floors, doing dishes and laundry and trying not to completely injure myself by the toys laying all over. Isabelle was crabby this morning, I hope she is having a good day at school. I just found out that Extreme Home makeover is coming our area. That's exciting. Can't wait to hear the details. I have a fear that my water filter will run out before I get a new one. I also have an anxiety about running out of garabage bags. Life is tough. K... I better not chat all day...I have stuff to do. Maybe I will even bake some banana bread. I will leave you with some visual lovelies. Happy Wednesday!

Mexican for Dinner! Looks disqusting doesn't it? It was quite excellent. This weekend we joined some family in Elk Grove Village for this fine meal and entertainment by the children. May I present: Crazy Dancing Cousins:

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