Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Ben!

Ben woke up as a 3 year old with some major mosquito bites on his head! Poor little guy! He didn't care though...because he also woke up to a few surprises. We kept Ben's birthday low-key & simple. It was so great. We had such a wonderful family day. :)
This is the super amazing cake that the kids "helped" me make. Green on the inside...and this super masterpiece on the outside. Sometimes life requires fancy impressive cakes...sometimes life calls for something else. :)
Ben was thrilled to the moon to find this sign in the morning. (Thank you Grandma Barb!).
Look Sally & Betsey at the shirt that Ben decided he wanted to wear all day fo r his birthday! Well the shirt & spiderman underwear of course! hehe
Ben was quite a character all day! Very excited and happy and double filled with energy. He was also very good, being patient about opening presents and eating cake not til the evening. Here he is telling us.. "ME Hawwy Podder!"
We had some family over and grilled hamburgers. It was such a joy to watch Ben open his gifts. He recieved such wonderful presents! He had to explore them all! By the end of the evening, Ben was truly exhausted. Dirty face and all, he blew out his candles in one try. Happy Birthday to my SUPER Wonderful LIttle Boy and thank you to everyone who helped celebrate and make it such a special day with recent visits, cards, emails, gifts & calls. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow - Ben - You can't be 3 years old already!! You're a big boy now. I loved seeing your Arrowhead t-shirt! Your mom is so very special to make such a great day for you. She loves you very much & I do too :>)
Many more Happy Birthdays!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ben. I last saw you as a baby and here you are going to pre school. But Mom keeps me inform as to what you are doing, and sometimes grandma Barb brags on you too.

Hugs and Kissed, Aunt "Christmas" and Bill Too!!!

Katherine Marie! said...

And more fun filled birthdays!?? What fantastic memories you kiddos will have of these sweet celebrations. No way--- 3!