Saturday, August 11, 2007

Four & More

Isabelle's (1st)kids party was a great success. We had it at a local party place that includes a fun zone (jumping in balls, climbing, etc). She had so much fun. Thank you to everyone who helped plan, prepare and participate!
Since Isabelle has turned 4, all of a sudden she can "magically" do the following with ease: open the stairs door by herself, reach the sink without her stool, open and close car door, likes broccoli…. (if only with her magical fourness, she could start wiping her butt on her own...) Oh, also along with these can dos and likes...she says that now that she is 4, she "just doesn't like milk."
Interview With Isabelle on her 4th Birthday.
How Old Are You? Um…I’m four today alright? I’m not three anymore.
If you had a million dollars what would you buy? A watch! Even though you got 2 watches for your b-day? Yes.
How do you like the cake Elaine made you? I don’t know.
What would be your dream job when you grow up? When I close my eyes and sleep…and I have a good dream.
What makes you sad? When Ben pulls my hair!
What makes you happy? When Ben doesn’t pull my hair.
What is your favorite game right now? Zingo!
Are you an early bird or a night owl? Ooh….Owls are scary! Um… I want to talk about something….the storm…and how it scares me.
What age have you enjoyed the most so far? 4 cuz I’m 4 now.
Favorite color? Red.
Favorite show? Strawberry shortcake, I keep telling you!
Favorite store? The little cart store.
Favorite food? Peanut butter and honey wrap.
Where would you like to take a vacation? Um…like to the bank.
Let's talk BEN a little bit now. I can't believe that he will be 1 next week! wow. Seriously this baby boy has grown up so fast already! Some of his activities lately: pulling the entire cushion off couch- sitting and bouncing on the couch without cushion- then sliding down the angled cushion. Taking dvds out of cases - trying to put them in the tv equipment, pressing the paper feed on my printer, getting all the papers out one by one (he has obsession with paper, he must be my kid!) , pulling chairs out from the dining room table - climbing on chair and proceeding to climb on dining room table!…sits and claps. Taking little steps, or walks pushing something. and...I swear he says mama.
Misc. Notes & Observations
Glue sticks are expensive. Humidity is evil. I'm sick of tomatoes. The people at my post office seem to have an attitude most of the time...what is the deal with that? I might have a garage sale at the end of the summer. I am going to start selling things on ebay (for the first any advice would be greatly appreciated-email me). I finished the book the time traveler's wife. It was very good, I really liked it...I didn't cry. I heard alot people cried when reading this...I didn't feel the need to. I have just started reading: Middlesex. sidenote: I love the smell of old musty books. My windshield wipers have been acting very strange lately, before I had trouble with them not coming on when I need them. the last couple times I drove my car, they come on when i dont need them and wont shut off! I can't believe the disney's tinkerbell fairies movie will not come out until fall of 08. that is a long time to wait!
upcoming plans: family birthday party for the kids, zoo, bristol reinsannce faire, school starts...

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