Thursday, August 16, 2007

Look Whose Walking

Yesterday we celebrated Ben's 1st Birthday. All of a sudden the last few days he has been taking steps all on his own. He looks like a drunken boxer going back and forth and then tumbling over. hehe We had his first year check up today. All is good! (well, the shots weren't so good, but the rest was good).
Tonight is an open house for Isabelle's school class. I'm so excited school will be starting soon! There's nothing like back to school supplies is the best! (even if it is preschool supplies!). It actually almost feels like fall out today and I even swear Ive seen some changing leaves already. Tonight I am making Slow Cooker Salasa Chicken for dinner.
----Last night Isabelle and I had the following conversation:
Me: You are my special girl right?
Isabelle: Right. We are real right mom?
Me: Yes, Isabelle we are real.
Isabelle: Good. (It was just really sweet. I love my little girl so much...
when I sometimes forget, she reminds lucky I am).
Happy 4th Birthday Lancelot, you 3 legged wonderdog.
Happy Anniversary of Elvis's death. TCB


Anonymous said...

I'snt it Lance thats T C B ? Even if it's just dogstuff?

Anonymous said...

Yeh!! Ben's walking. Yeh!!! Isabelle's now 4. wow, where does time go. I'm nearly medicare age - boo.

Love, aunt chris