Thursday, October 04, 2007

writting letters & hand stuck in a green bean can

Since I have no new pics of the kids, I put this one up! I have made these Recipe Cards and put them in my new online shop. I absolutely LOVE how they turned out! Makes me almost want to cook!

Isabelle has started writing a few letters of the alphabet and she is only in the beginning, but her teachers have taught her how to write the letter I for her name. I just can't believe she is writing letters! Isabelle just told me "tell my family that I can write the letter D too, and Benjamin can't!" She has her first bus field trip tomorrow to the local apple orchard.

Ben lately has been attempting to eat dog food, put things (that don't belong garbage) in the garbage, pull things out of the garbage (got his hand stuck in opened discarded green bean can, has floated his bottle in the dog water, had smashed an egg on the floor, keeps getting all his clothes off (including his diaper), pretends he's talking on the cellphone, walks around with it to his ear, babbeling, he has tried brushing his hair with a tooth brush, among many other adventurous talents.

I officially have gotten both kids costumes for Halloween! Whoah!

Yesterday for the first time ever, Isabelle told me she wanted a NEW mom. I was almost in tears. She has never said anything like that to me before. Also, yesterday a bug flew up my nose and a vaccum belt that I just bought instantly broke. I am hoping today will be a more productive and positive day. (If only I can get myself and the children out of the house at decent hour). I have to go grocery shopping since there is nothing to make for meals in the cabinets…but I can’t seem to think of anything to make…maybe a turkey breast and chili (not together).

Currently I am reading a book about Cemetary’s (getting in the Halloween mode).
Also, cannot wait to watch the office tonight!
I know there are other things as well that I wanted to speak of, but my mind is kind of in a million directions at the moment. So, I shall check in soon, just wanted to say hi and have a pleasant day and a lovely evening!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl,as I read of the bug up your nose, I thought , well it can't be that bad, It's gotta be better than throwing a rock up your own nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was pretty sad to read about isabelle wanting a new mommy,but i'm sure these things will happen as her personality develops in different directions. it gave me an idea though. on your next trips out pick up some job applications ( mc donalds, gas station, etc. etc.) and next time isabelle says she wants a new mommy, hand her one of the "new mommy request forms" the more complicated the better. tell her it must be filled out completely and signed in triplicate. being as she's only schooled so far to the letter "d" she may think twice about this. she may ask for your help. also try reminding her that a new mommy won't wipe her butt for her. that will get her thinking!!!Take care, Al