Tuesday, November 13, 2007

These lovely Autumn days...

My friend Sally visited from afar (Minnesota) and while here, she did a photo shoot of the kids. Even though the elements (on the go children and wind) were against her, she got such wonderful shots! These are just two of her amazing photos! I love them all, so I will be posting more when I get them! :)

The last couple days have been so nice weather wise. Those perfect Autumn days in which the weather is crisp enough to breath soul into your step and warm enough to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without heavy attire.

I just took the kids out of the bath. They smell so nice. The sun is setting. I think we are having leftover Gumbo for dinner because Noah has a meeting tonight. Noah has been cooking an awful lot lately. I tease him asking if he will ever let me cook again...maybe when he has a cold and has no taste buds. Well, he enjoys it and he by some miracle has been really helping with the clean up, so honestly, I don't mind one bit. Most things he has been making have been really good....well, except his meatloaf. It was way too salty. Oh well, they can't all be five star. So speaking of cooking, we finally saw the movie Ratatolli. Very cute little flick. Isabelle tells me the next time she goes to a restaurant she is going to ask for Ratatolli with NO matos!

The clutter of the house has been really getting to me lately. Today I spent the day attempting to do my best to change things up a bit. Clean, organize, switch furniture around. I feel better for now but as I speak the house is getting undone by the two little people whose job it is to keep me challenged.

My etsy shop has been keeping me quite busy lately. I have serveral custom orders lined up. This has been such a good thing for me but I personally need to make sure I keep a balance of all things...like the house has been in such chaos lately, that's why I took today to attempt some kind of major improvement. I also have been working on projects after the kids go to sleep and before they wake up, so I have not been sleeping as much as I should. I am not complaining at all, it has been such a good thing...but I like I said, I need to learn a good balance for family, home & business. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Speaking of, I should probably get off the computer for now! Stay Well & Enjoy these Fall days, for they are fleeting!

p.s. I just had to add this! I just picked Ben up and something rattled...so I unzipped his footy pajamas and found a little shaker toy, a little people horse and an half eaten apple!!! This kid is little a chipmunk storing things in his pajamas!


Shannon Bieger said...
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Anonymous said...

ROFL that Ben had all those toys hidden in his pajamas!! I can't believe how much the kids look alike. And look how long Isabelle's hair is!


Sarah P said...

Great photos!