Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Little Prince

Recently I went to a used book sale. I found an old copy of The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. This is one of my favorite children's stories. What an amazing find, this book...not only do I love the musty old book smell...but I love the history of owners...I love when you open an old book and not only discover the story within, but also a little piece of who owned it at one time. In this copy of of The Little Prince there is an inscription from the gift giver and he is telling why he likes this story and is passing it on. ALso inside the book is a note from someone who owned the book, the note is about her "love" who I am assuming is her son. Also at the end of the book was an old newspaper article that I found delight in reading. This book, what a treasure for 25 cents!

So, I decided with a busy Monday coming (Isabelle School, Ben Dr. Misc Errands..) that I would try to prepare myself as much as possible for the morning, because morning around here lately...are anything but prepared. I dump my purse out in attempt to clean it out, get organized and I find...I can't believe this.... 12 pens! 12 pens! Am I insane? I was wondering where all my pens went. I ask myself am I a mental case? 12 pens? Normally, I carry 2 pens. 1 for use, 1 for back up, cuz you never know. This just shows how out of sync I have been lately. The normal me would never haul around 12 pens. Yes, I am a writing freak...but not in that way. So anyway, I am taking note (now that I have found my pens and can do so) that I need to slow down and concentrate a little bit more. I am not even going to tell you how much change I had in my purse!

Something that I have been feeling really bad about lately, is my lack of correspondence with family and friends. I feel like a total and complete antisocial neglector. <-- sorry if that is not a word or spelled incorrectly but I dont feel like looking it up. I apologize to anyone that has felt like I am not around anymore...I'm here! I'm just trying to find myself in all this mess! Seriously though, things have just been crazy and I really am trying to become better aquainted with my priorities and a somewhat schedule that is functional to be productive in all aspects of my life. Something that will really help my communication is that I have a new cell phone (living without one was quite an adjustment!). The best part of my new phone besides the fact that it is p i n k (I am trying to embrace more feminity as I have been lacking at that lately too), is that I have the best ring tone I could have ever dreamed of! The office theme song! Whoah, life is good.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. pencollector, I recently purchased a sack of blue pens but other than using 2 or 3 I have not been able to locate the rest when needed, so I must ask of you...... Where were you during the timeframe of august thee 12th and three days prior to yesterday?????
Failure to confess all of your exact whereabouts in a timely manor will mandate your fortiture of 13.8% of all of your viable penstock (blue ink only)to make reperations for possible guiltiness in the posterior of this situation. Please note that this notice may not only be publicly humiliating but legally binding as well, Make no haste as you repay your proposed crimes, as I still have checks to write and bills to pay. Good day, I say,
Good day... A.C.