Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Summer Leather

 It ain't a home, if it ain't got a GnOme.
 Beautiful flower that my parents brought attracts the hummingbirds like crazy!
 A Glimpse of a dinner prep:  There was ginger garlic pork in the crock and I was making mango cucumber cabbage slaw for the side.
 Ben found his Harley leather jacket in one of the boxes and wore it a majority of the day yesterday (although quite warm out).
Ben and Olivia just hanging out on the sun porch together.   Misc. Notes:  The Sun porch can get quite sunny.  Wicker furniture is not that comfortable and kind of falls apart.  Especially with climbing acrobatic type children in usage.  Kids did a lemonade stand last week with their new neighbor friends and it was so fun to watch them conduct the process.  I'm still working in between both houses.  Still lots to do at the house in town but slowly we are getting there.  I need to start planning Isabelle and Ben's birthdays.  I have some thoughts in mind.  No parties this year  but some special thoughts in mind to make their days special.  Olivia has dirty feet every moment of the summer so far.  I love school supplies in the stores!  We are very excited about this school year.  More on that soon!  Guess, I better go get something done this a.m. - Happy Wednesday my friends!

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