Friday, August 31, 2012


SCHOOL this year:  For those who do not know and for those who do, YES - we are homeschooling this year.   I strongly believe this path for my family was placed on my heart by God.  I never thought I would be doing this, but I am and now, I couldn't imagine not.  I know there are many people who do not understand or that think I am crazy and that is o.k.  I know I am capable and I know that I want to do this.   I know this isn't right for everyone, but I do believe it is where and what we as a family need to be doing at this time. (we are taking school one year at a time).  We are so excited to take this journey together.  I know it will not be easy, but I do know it will be rewarding in so many ways.  We started Monday and I can't even tell you the blessings that I have felt since we began.  I have also already come across what I know will be some of our challenges.  I will be documenting and sharing some of our adventure (here on this blog) along the way ...the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! ha ha.  I pray for strength and wisdom as we educate at home and I believe with all of my heart that this is where we belong.
 A beautiful morning glimpse out of the sun room porch .  Please try to ignore the weeds that I need to pull between the stones.
 Belle & Ben getting ready for our History lesson yesterday.
 blue bird in birch tree
Ben has been waiting for a package in the mail and was sooooo excited to get this handmade batman cape from Aunt Mary! (You should have seen him running from the mailbox!)  He was so excited and it's perfectly exactly how he wanted it!  He even shared it with his sisters! (for a moment). Thank you Aunt Mary!  Also, a big thank you to my dad for sending us such wonderful pictures of some of our recent times together!  We are really enjoying them so much.

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