Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yes, I do believe I like this Camera.

 I am in LOVE....with my new camera!  (above, one of my very favorite birds - chickadee). This morning has been so quiet and beautiful.  I saw a mommy and baby deer frolicking together - the baby kept tagging the mom and running away and coming back. The sun is shining bright.   The kids are mostly still sleeping.  My coffee wasn't bitter.  My thoughts are not bitter.  I was just thinking about how I have not seen any "new" or "different" birds lately and an Oriole (orange and black) appears on the back deck and stares at me!    Wow.  Little miracles around us all the time.  Little signs of hope to hold onto.  Things that tell us, we are ok....we are going to all be o.k.  Just do what we can in this moment.
 Hummingbirds come to this flower all the time.  It is awesome.
 oh, speaking's one now. hehe  Pic is taken through the screen but I still like it!
 Our bees are finally moved here.  Now all we need is a Bit Of Honey. :).  Below:   This is our backyard and here are the kids walking to the creek.  We decided to go for a little stroll in the woods.  SO, yes I am loving my new camera (I did not love when we were at the store and Honey Badger knocked down an entire display of ipad cases, but we survived).   Happy Saturday!

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