Monday, August 06, 2012

Canned you Beet this?

 bird watching
 Happy Sunny Olivia
 Canned Beets
 Glued this puzzle for keeps.
lamp we fell in love with at an antique shop and bought for the new abode.
Weekends come and weekends go and here we are Monday morning.  I woke up at 6 am to hear cows mooing and find a mama and baby deer in the back.  I love this place!   I was freezing so threw on my favorite plum robe and some slippers (this is awesome, this weather, I am not complaining in any way shape or form).  I drank my coffee and now I will write some lists.  It's nice to put things behind from last week and focus on this fun week ahead.  Last week, we worked much at the old house.  Finally, I can say all our stuff is out and its pretty darn clean (with some help!).  Even though we do not close until the end of the month on that house - Now, I finally feel like I can start focusing on here.  So many boxes to unpack, organizing to do, purging to do.  But, it's all good.  Exciting.  I love having a storage room with shelving verses an attic with everything thrown in disarray.  Due to our heating/cooling unit needing to be replaced, we are putting off our main floor not sure if I will hang anything on the walls or just wait.   It's been so joyous buying school supplies.  Today shall be fun as there is a special girls trip planned to go shopping.  Tomorrow, my Isabelle turns 9.  I cannot believe it.  Wow.  She has asked for one very special gift and tomorrow (she's actually been asking for it for months and months and months)...she will get it.  Tomorrow we will celebrate what an amazing girl that she is.   I can't wait for her to wake up to decorations and surprises.  Well, I must be off for the moment.  May today be wonderful to all. :)

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