Wednesday, July 25, 2012

turkeys and superheros

 3 lumps on a log -  Above and below are 2 of my favorite pictures that my friend Teresa recently took of the kids.  She captured so many awesome shots and I will truly treasure these with all my heart.

 Recently, we had some family come stay with us.  Can I tell you how much I love seeing SUPER cousins together?
 I think Olivia loves our new bed.  She hasn't taken a nap in years, yet here she was for hours - totally knocked out.  (ignore the color of the wall - we are planning to paint it in the fall).
 This past weekend we decided to take a little road trip to a few antique shops looking for a few misc. fun items for the new abode....well at the one place, the lady let the kids collect the eggs from her chickens.  Ben is very comfortable and practically a pro at this.  I think he will do great when we get our chickens (plans for a coop are in the works).
 This was a new paleo dinner recipe we tried the other night.  Salad and steak (supposed to be ribeye but we only had t-bone) with a sundried tomatoe, artichoke, stuffed green olive topping.  Kids didnt like the topping but they liked the rest.  Adults loved the topping.  I love that much of the salad vegetables were from our own garden (house back in town).
The last couple days, I have been waking up to turkeys on the back porch and in the backyard.  They eat the birdseed that falls from the feeders.  The  are kind of loud and leave poop behind, but I like them.  By the way, I think we are hosting Thanksgiving this year.

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