Thursday, August 30, 2012


I have been trying to create a new post all evening, but for some reason, the picture function is not working right now.  I feel frustrated as I really wanted to share some pics along with my words and thoughts...yet, I suppose in life, sometimes "we can't always get what we want".  So for now, I may ramble a bit, I may or may not share my original intentions and purpose at the moment...I don't know.  So anyway, today is way too warm for my taste.  I thought we were supposed to be on the cusp of fall yet tomorrow is due to be 95 degrees. thank you.  I do not want 95 degrees...I don't want it on ham, I don't want it with green eggs, I don't want it at all.  The end.  Anyway, today, as the kids and I read a history lesson together under a tree in our yard, Olivia started pointing and screaming....and not far from us was a...beautiful FOX.  It was awesome. It was staring at us and we were staring at it and I couldn't get my camera out fast enough before it high tailed it away (most likely in fear and shock of the small child screaming at it).  (( by the way if one more flickin fly or gnat or whatever lands on me right now, I may scream)).  Anyway, point of my story was totally unexpected and awesome to spot this creature today.  History Lesson & Nature Study all in one!  Also, I got a great pic of a bluebird in a birch tree.  Ben and Noah attend Ben's first cub (tiger) scout meeting yesterday and Ben was super excited.  Watch out family and friends, he will be selling PoPcOrn in the very near future so you may receive a phone call or a visit from a cute little boy with big cheeks asking you to support the Troop.  Olivia is in a total not sleeping mood at all lately which is oh so fun.  The other night we are all sleeping /laying on our beds, next thing I know, and my light is on....Olivia got the stool out of the bathroom, and decided to come in and turn our lights on, then she says:  Hi.   Geez, this kid- she seriously needs to go to sleep once in a while.  It would be lovely.  k, im hot and crabby and bugs are still landing on me so I think I will go.  Have a good night...and hopefully a super friday.  I will try and post my pics tomorrow or soon...cuz ya never know what ya gonna get get what you get and you don't throw a fit.  The end.

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