Thursday, February 24, 2011


My baby is a monkey. She can't stand on her own or walk, but she sure loves to climb! She also loves bananas and makes weird sounds, that is also why I conclude that she is a monkey. This morning I am missing a MOPS meeting becuase Ben is sick. I kept him home from school yesterday. Poor little guy. He is watching movies on the couch again today, I hope that will heal him. So, my toaster is: offically deceased. I was so excited to buy bagels yesterday, totally had a taste for them, get home - pop one in the toaster. My toaster has failed me. I guess I should not say that because honestly, I think we have had it for a very long time. I can't remember when we first met. So, I suppose I was lucky to have him this long. Microwaved bagels are not so grand. Yesterday, I finally decided to take advantage of the free coffee offer with a fill up at shell. Well, let me just tell you that the free coffee might supposidly be $ free, yet it is not hassle free. I shall not take advantage of that offer again. thanks, but no thanks. Today I plan to get some major cleaning done. Organization is on my agenda. If the little rascals allow it. Have a beautiful Thursday!

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