Thursday, February 17, 2011

Endless Winter or so it Seems

(this is not my photograph, I got it off of a newspaper website during the big storm. I just fell in love with it!). So, I sit here with a lingering cough, but for the most part the flu/cold is gone. What a nightmare those days were. They pulled me down and knocked me out. I could not function, I could not take care of my was horrible. Lessons learned: It really made me ask for help when I needed it and it also taught me to appreciate what I do each day a little more....because seeing it not done, really made a difference. Those freezing temperatures were getting so old too...I was afraid to step outside. I would be fine with eating stale crackers just so I wouldn't have to venture out the frozen world. But, the weather has let up some and it makes all the difference in the world. I even saw a robin the other was high in a tree (not pecking on the ground like in spring), but it was there. Let's see news around here: Isabelle finally got her glasses and loves them (now all of a sudden Ben is having trouble seeing the board at school...he says the letters are fuzzy but he is not blind...hehe)., Recently we celebrated valentines day and Noah's birthday. The kids wanted to get him a Bee pillow that was his gift from them. Our oven is still broken!!!! Supposidly, the repair man now has the part and is coming today. Our back deck is now complete and it is sooooo exciting! Also, we now have a doorbell and a new mailbox up. It's the little things! hehe I think all we really have left to do on this house is: storm doors. Our basement is even clean! I cleaned the kids toys/my craft side and the laundry/tools/brew making side is cleaned as well! Olivia is now approx. 10 months old. Wow, is the time flying by. I love when that little baby sleeps. Like right now, she is sleeping, so I got to take a shower and type this! Ben is sitting next to me watching Peter Pan. Yesterday I caught him singing: "Sweet Home Avacado!"...with that I leave you. Have a beautiful day. :)

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