Thursday, February 03, 2011

Blizzard 2011

They said it would snow...and it did. Waking up to a white world, was beautiful and peaceful. Right away, we all got dressed in our snow gear and made our way outside (besides the baby). Something that I absoutley truly love about events such as the unity of the neighbors...working together to clear everybody's paths and cars. Even though we hired someone to come out and snowblow/shovel....everyone was still out there helping eachother anyway to get the task done.
Lancelot sure enjoyed the snow...and the socializing.

Isabelle enjoyed clearing the cars and climbing hills...and the socializing.
Ben had such fun climbing the hills and falling down!
Yes, it was a great snow day indeed. The guys came to finish the bathroom so it is now offically finished! Whoah!!!!!! I want to invite people over just to use my bathroom. We made homemade chicken soup yesterday. It turned out awesome! Last night we got the offical call that there would be no school today either due to dangerous wind chill/temperatures. So, today is an at home cleaning organizing and hanging out day. Except for the biggest event (if they are open today, which I am assuming), Isabelle's eye dr. appt. has finally arrived. All her dreams may come true if they tell her, yes she needs glasses. I just have to munster up enough courage to get us out in this weather. Hopefully it will warm a smidge before our adventure. Tonight will be: Taco Night. Right now the snowblower guys are back, clearing out a path in the back and I giant area of the back of the house. Why? Because finally, the materials have been ordered for our deck! Work should start on that tomorrow. It will be nice to open the backdoor and to not step out to a drop to the ground! (when our siding was done, the concrete porch was ripped off with the intentions of our deck being built right away but then we had to put that project on pause). How exciting. Well, I better get to work, there is a lot ahead of me today. This place is kind of chaos and I need to create some order. I hope Olivia with her elastico arms doesn't eat any more of my books when I am not looking.

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