Friday, January 07, 2011

Your Boots

Everyone else says it's a WOLF. Ben says it's a Husky. So Husky Hat it is. There are some things in life that will never cease to delight me such as spotting a bright red cardinal in the snow or how good a nice cold glass of water tastes when you are thirsty beyond the norm. I'm heading off to the library once the baby gets up (unless there's not enough time ,then I will have to drag all 3 little people in with me...maybe, I will wake her up.) , some of the books that I put on hold have come in. I am so excited. (hint: they have to do with ART). I look out the window and it's snowing again. I hear the furnance heating the house and the dryer drying the clothes (yes, I am doing laundry again). My lips are dry and cracking and my hair is a total mess. I just wrote down this quote I found online that I find quite appropriate for some of my current ponderings: ((Your Boots are not set in concrete. Life IS change)). I failed to write down the person who said it, but I am sure its been said many times before in just this exact way or quite close. Today one crappy thing came in the mail: An advertisement for Kohls. Hi, I don't have a Kohls around here, I don't really want to look at your ad. thank you and good day. It was not worth the trip (of a mere few feet) to the mail box. k, I got to go. Really looking forward to the weekend :)

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