Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Warning: Tired Crabby Rambling Ahead

Today is one of those know the kind in which you are completely exhausted because you have been going non-stop ALL day...and there's still much to do and the day isn't done yet. Ugh, I am seriously just so beyond spent. Just got 2 of the 3 kids to sleep. The baby remains awake crying in the crib. (last night she took a long nap from about dinner time til my bedtime, not kidding you the second my head hit the pillow she got up screaming and would not go back to sleep...I brought her out to the living room so she could play in her new playyard since there was no way she was going to settle down (playyard - big gated circle type thing to keep her safe and contained yet give her space to crawl etc. Kind of like a cage but different, hehe). So, lets just say it was a long night. Well, you won't believe this but I bring her back to bed and eventually get her to go down again and all of a sudden I hear a thump and crying from the other room, Isabelle fell out of bed. It was like one big giant non humorous joke on me last night. so anway, that may be why im a bit exhausted and (I must admitt) crabby at the moment. Olivia is teething and I hope that is what is contributing to her onereyness, etc. lately. So anyway, there was no way I was gonna let her nap this evening at all and she crabbed most the evening. So now I listen to her crying but the sounds are getting less loud and further in between. She may be giving up on the battle to fight awakeness, and may just rest. I am very envious of her right now in her safe little warm bed , with her footy pajamas...because not only does she have all that, but she also has a musical glow worm. What more could one ask for in regards to a perfect night of slumber? Youth is defintley wasted on the young. I made sloppy joes and misc. vegetables for dinner tonight. I know what you are thinking " What a lamo ungreat dinner" and I agree. I hate sloppy joes, but the kids love them and they were easy and Ive been cooking like crazy latley so I thought I'd go this route. Honestly, I just felt like ripping open a bag chips, throwing them on the table and shouting: dinner served! But, I didn't do that. A. I don't have any bags of chips and B. The guilt of my neglect would eventually get to me. I am kind of sort of freezing right now all of a sudden. I hear the dryer going and that is such a comfort sound to says hey: household duties for loving family are being performed in the simpliest everyday task. I finally took down all the Christmas Decor. I pretty much want it out by new years day and Noah likes it up til the 7th, so I kind of compromised. It feels so good to clean up a bit. More open space. No more nutcrackers starring at me. Pine needles be gone. Christmas I loved you kindly but your time has passed for now, to everything there is a season. Ok so Im sure I could write a ton more but I will end this now cuz the baby has rekindled her crying and I just can't even really think at the moment. Maybe next post I will provide a picture or 2, maybe next post I will have something interesting or excellent to say...maybe. goodnight.

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