Thursday, January 20, 2011

Morning Report

Good Thursday Morning. Just a quick report before the day begins. No pictures included :(. I am drinking my coffee, sitting on the leather chair in the fireplace room (I don't want to sit on the couches cuz I don't want to risk the chance of dog hair contact). Took a sink bath this morning. Honestly, a sink bath is way better then no bath which I have gone for the last couple days. Our bathroom project was put on hold due to our contractor, got ill and was in the hospital for a few days. :( , but he is better now and things are back in full swing. The next two days are supposed to be dangerously freezing tempatures so I am not looking forward to that. Oh well, what can you do but buck up? I am working on some canvas paintings, so I am very excited about that. My painting stuff is all over the kitchen. There is nothing like adding that first brush of color on a white surface and creating a little world from nothing. I love how the kids play their Ninetendo DS and don't understand that they don't earn an actual prize. Like Ben yesterday, won the piston cup on his cars game and asked me how he was gonna get it, would they send it in the mail??? Olivia had her 9 month dr. appt. this week and she is doing SUPER as I suspected. There is no cure for her non-sleeping...but, that's o.k....I can deal with it most the time. I have signed up for a very special conference in march called: Hearts at Home. It is amazing retreat for mothers to be encouraged, inspired, united and skilled. The best part is that I am going with some of the most wonderful friends that I have the privilege of being in my life. A new bible study series starts today that I am very excited about. I really look forward to these sessions because the women involved truly gift me with their knowledge and presence. Well, I suppose that I should start the morning process of waking up, feeding, dressing and directing the troops. It was nice to sit for a few moments of peace and thought. Good Day to YOU.

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