Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Witch way the Wind blows

It sure has been windy here lately. Yesterday, Isabelle had her first Halloween Party of the Season (dance class). I just cut my thumb doing dishes. I have started to collect OLIVIA books for Olivia. I knew I shouldn't have bought any Halloween candy yet. I have about a room full of laundry to put away. Sometimes I have a fear that I will run out of hangers. I started a cute little Owl painting yesterday. I wonder if I will ever be able to finish it. Wonder what the dog is barking at now....probably the leaves blowing...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bowling with my SuPerHero

Bat Ben

This is a local mother/son event - Bowling with SuperHeroes.
We had such a SUPER time.
Ben Won. Ben always wins. :)


Here we see 6 month old Olivia sporting her Pumkin Hat.

I love my pumpkinhead...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

should be napping

Olivia has kept me up for 1/2 the night for at least 3 nights in a row now. Im exhausted. I should be napping but I can't. Im yawning but I can't lay down. Got to pick Isabelle up from a birthday party in a little while. I should take a shower right now since Olivia is sleeping, but I am too tired. I am taking Ben to superhero bowling tonight, it is a mom/young son event. This is our first time attending and Ben cannot wait. He's most excited he gets to wear his Halloween costume a week early. Might try to get to the Train of Terror tonight as well if possible. Went to coffee with a group of friends this a.m., that was so nice. Even though it's rainy and cold, I got a peach smoothy because I had already had too much coffee at home. This is the rainy cold kind of day in which I want to stay home in my nice warm pajamas next to the fire and read a good book. Maybe it is the onset of the cold weather, but I have the desire to start a reading group up again. I miss meeting with friends and discussing books. Of course my alone (without the kids) time is very limited, so I should probably not add something I might not be able to do. I can hear the Train of Terror whistle as I type. k. I gotta go.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


o.k. no new pics yet, but some musings. sorry. O.k., so I came to this realization today...I have been going about the world in an illusion created by myself. I thought I was 34. I am 35 flippin years old, not 34!!!!! I have been telling people 34 , I have been thinking 34....I mean, I think I was thinking 34, anyway...wanted to make that correction since my brain is currently functioning. So can I tell you something? I wish I could take my dog, yank his voice box out and throw it in the mississippi river. and no I did not capitalize a proper river and yes, I sang the mississippi spelling in my head to make sure I got it right. Seriously this dog gives me a headache every single day of my life.....but thats all I am going to say on that subject for now. And please note the kindness I extend by stating that I would throw his voice box and not his whole self into the river. unbelievable! I have not even left the baby for 5 minutes and she is up already. This is where I might state something like: Jesus Christ Superstar give me a break! And now the dog hears the baby crying and he is barking....lovley cycle I tell ya. I did not get any good mail today...but I did make out some mail today (baptism invites, etc)....all I need is stamps. Seriously, stamps are such a pesty thing. If I didnt need stamps, they would be at their destinations already...well maybe. So I guess I should go since she is still crying and seems to not be magically falling back asleep. So this 35 year old woman is signing off. Have a nice Saturday evening.

12 hours? No way!

*A miracle has happened: The baby slept for 12 hours straight! 6 to 6. I kept checking on her the whole time because this is way not normal!!! I think a bit of a cold has something to do with it...but I will take it! Now she is kicking my computer and pulling my blanket off.
*Last night the kids and I ordered chinese for dinner. It was so good.
*School Pictures came back yesterday, I am so happy with both of the kids pics, they turned out so great this year. (last year when pics came home, I was pregnant & emotional & not happy with the lots of tears - ugh it was not a good scene).
*I need to make some coffee, I've been up for over 45 minutes without it.
*Have no idea what this weekend has instore, I do know we may take a ride on the train of terror.
*It is def. getting harder to get up in the a.m. with the cold and the darkness.
*Pictures and more posting to come later today hopefully.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

not sure...

when I will be able to type a full message again. The baby is in demand ALL THE TIME , these days. I dedicate the Johnny Cash song: "Cry, Cry, Cry" to Olivia. She's cute and all, but she is HIGH maintnance. I am just going about regular daily life, wondering how the time RUNS away so darn fast. Seriously this is how my life feels right now: OH look at those beautiful leaves on that amazing tree. golden brilliance! ~~wind blows~~ All the leaves are on the ground, the tree is empty, I need to rake them all up...crunch, crunch and I have missed the fall. The end. The kids are talking to me as I type so I can't really think about what I am saying. I just know that it is 10 minutes until their bedtime. Theres a chill in the air even though all the windows are shut, or at least I think they are, better check that. I wish I wasn't so tired, I would make some tea. goodnight. p.s., I had a dream last night that I should paint murals for people, especially in nurseries , play rooms and little kids rooms...and I told myself to remember that thought, that I seriously should do this...but then in my waken state, a little more aware of reality....I ask myself - does anyone ever really want murals on their walls? They have all those fancy, easy decals available now...maybe murals are out of style..out of the possiblility and thought process of the current design concept. maybe. So, anyway - goodnight.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So what...

so what if I have no pictures to post.
so what if I have forgotten if your eyes or green or if they are blue.
Im exhausted, Ill try to write tomorrow.
So, for now I say: Good night to all you princes and kings, princesses & queens! Goodnight.
(The last line is my Cider House Rules, paraphrase).

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Salad & Soup

--------Homemade Egg Salad & Beef Barley Soup---------
-I just dropped my hardboiled egg in the dishsoap filled sink - Slippery little sucker.
-Today I ordered Olivia's Halloween's going to be Purrrfect!!!
-I have some kind of head, ear ache situation going on. joy.
-I overcame my laziness and am baking banana bread today. Smells good.
-Ben got to dress like a superhero for school today, he was SuPeR excited.
-I miss my paintings and other crafts. Someday I shall return to my art space.
-That someday will be after I get our home a little more organized.
-So that someday might be never.
-I bought Ben an old school batman dvd today to help him prepare for his costume.
-I love the kids Art Work on my fridge.
-I should probably take a shower today.
-Olivia & I didn't sleep very well last night.
-Isabelle & Ben love their pillow pets (unicorn & dog).
-I think I will make beef strogonoff for the evening meal.
-I have to return books to the library. debating if I should drop them at the box or make an event out of the situation.
-I really don't have much to say today so I say: goodbye and good day.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Crayons & Cherrios.

Some of our spooky decor. Getting ready for the season at hand. Fun Stuff.
Little Miss O.

It is truly amazing what dreams can come true at the dollar store. I let Ben pic one thing during a recent visit and he came home as an adventureous (and tired) pirate.

A Wonderful Gift: My friend Lynn knit and sent us this adorable hat for Olivia. :) It is so soft and sweet and I love it so much and so does she!
Tonight, one of our neighbors gave these Halloween Coloring Books to the kids. I am very grateful for the wonderful people who surround us here and make us feel so loved, supported and cared for through so many ways. The kids reallly enjoyed coloring in front of the fire place. Yes, fireplace season is upon us. Tonight we had the best dinner: Salad, Pizza & Wine (and Milk). Simple and Good. Today I got a lot of organizing and cleaning done.
These days there are always crayons on my table and cherrios on my floor. There are sticky loud little people everywehre. Endless laundry and dishes. Closet lights left on and front doors left open. There is often a misc. toy left in the bathroom among an unflushed toliet. There is garabage that has missed the garabage can and crumbs all about. There is the occasional legos to be stepped on. There are screams, fights and cries......but there is also... alot of laughter. Alot of joy and smiles and so many hugs and I love yous. There is dancing in the kitchen. There are beautiful pieces of art created with those crayons. I get to be witness to the pretend fantasy worlds of all the toys about. There are little souls playing and imagining. The lights left on are a sign that someone was there, looking for something special. The laundry tells me that there are some little creatures here, wondering about around this amazing earth exploring and discovering and need some cleaning when the day is done. The empty plates and crumbs tell me that there is a family here that is being well fed and nourished on many levels. So, yes my life is filled with chaos and clutter. Yes, I get tired, pray for peace and even want to run away once in a while....but for the most part....the part that is in my heart, that breathes my soul, the part that defines who I am and what I want...that part is happy..and filled with the most pride and joy. That part knows how very blessed that I am to be lost, yet belong - among the crayons and cherrios.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Here's the Buzz...

So, my friends tell me I must blog, so here I am. :) not sure if I have anything of high interest to share so I shall just speak my thoughts of the moment and call it a day. Besides clearing the dinner table/dishes - washing my make up off is the most dreaded part of my day. But my current motto with misc. tasks at hand is : Out of the Strain of the Doing INTO the Peace of the Done. I keep this in mind as I struggle to get through and once I am through, I realize that I survived and I am o.k. We had half a cow delivered today. It's in the freezer. It has been an extremily busy and crazy week. Somethings occurred that I asked for great support from the Lord above and he has granted me: peace, patience and faith so I am hanging in there. In addition to these items life has been rolling by quickly and crazily. I have joined the ranks and started pulling out my Halloween decor per the childrens request. I absoutley LOVE looking at old halloween pics, etc. Also, we have so many fun and scary halloween books, so that is always a joy during this season. I can't even begin to explain how much I love this cool, crisp air coming through my window right now. It just makes me feel so happy. It inspires me and breathes life into me. Dear Autumn, I invite you to stay fact, I insist upon it. Please. Moving on..... the baby fell off my bed this evening as I was putting laundry away. She was in the middle of the bed on her playmat and before i knew it she had rolled herself off. ugh. so scary but I think she is o.k. Smufs are blue. So, halloween approaches and it is usually so me to get the prefect costumes for the youngins, but this year, I just gave in to their desires instead of my own goals and wishes. Ben abosutley wanted to be batman when he saw the costume in the store. UGH, BORING. I am sorry but there is a batman or two around every corner....but it is what makes him happy. Not creative, not different....not exciting ...but what his little hart desires most so...I let it be. And Isabelle wanted to be Glinda from OZ. Well I searched this one horse town for such a costume and came up empty handed thus far, so she said her second choice would be a cute witch......well, let me tell you there are many witches to be found around this neck of the we picked a super cute witch costume , added some stripped tights and a broom and the girl is all set to start her tricks and potions. Isabelle was a witch when she was approx. 3 years of age, so kind of neat she had the desire again. I must say, I know a witch is not orginal but it is fun! NOw, left is the baby. Having a very difficult time with this one... my true desrie is to make / find her a costume in the shape of a Candy Corn. Shove the kid in the triangle with her head popping out and call it a day...but so far not so easy to find. My other thought is a flower bunting (Isabelle was a sunflower as a baby and I LOVED that costume but we dont have it any more). So anyway, I am on a mission to get this sweet love of mine, something adorable (for pictures of course). Speaking of pictures, I finally got to scrap a few pages the other day. It was glorious. I made the best muffins yesterday, so simple and they are healthy for you. Or as my friend Pat used to say, they are GOOD and GOOD for you. hehe They are pumpkin spice and they are simple and awesome. If you want the recipe, contact me. O.k., I think that is it for now, I want to watch some Grey's on Hulu and call it a night. Sweet Dreams ya'all.