Saturday, October 16, 2010

12 hours? No way!

*A miracle has happened: The baby slept for 12 hours straight! 6 to 6. I kept checking on her the whole time because this is way not normal!!! I think a bit of a cold has something to do with it...but I will take it! Now she is kicking my computer and pulling my blanket off.
*Last night the kids and I ordered chinese for dinner. It was so good.
*School Pictures came back yesterday, I am so happy with both of the kids pics, they turned out so great this year. (last year when pics came home, I was pregnant & emotional & not happy with the lots of tears - ugh it was not a good scene).
*I need to make some coffee, I've been up for over 45 minutes without it.
*Have no idea what this weekend has instore, I do know we may take a ride on the train of terror.
*It is def. getting harder to get up in the a.m. with the cold and the darkness.
*Pictures and more posting to come later today hopefully.

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