Thursday, October 14, 2010

not sure...

when I will be able to type a full message again. The baby is in demand ALL THE TIME , these days. I dedicate the Johnny Cash song: "Cry, Cry, Cry" to Olivia. She's cute and all, but she is HIGH maintnance. I am just going about regular daily life, wondering how the time RUNS away so darn fast. Seriously this is how my life feels right now: OH look at those beautiful leaves on that amazing tree. golden brilliance! ~~wind blows~~ All the leaves are on the ground, the tree is empty, I need to rake them all up...crunch, crunch and I have missed the fall. The end. The kids are talking to me as I type so I can't really think about what I am saying. I just know that it is 10 minutes until their bedtime. Theres a chill in the air even though all the windows are shut, or at least I think they are, better check that. I wish I wasn't so tired, I would make some tea. goodnight. p.s., I had a dream last night that I should paint murals for people, especially in nurseries , play rooms and little kids rooms...and I told myself to remember that thought, that I seriously should do this...but then in my waken state, a little more aware of reality....I ask myself - does anyone ever really want murals on their walls? They have all those fancy, easy decals available now...maybe murals are out of style..out of the possiblility and thought process of the current design concept. maybe. So, anyway - goodnight.

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