Sunday, October 03, 2010

Crayons & Cherrios.

Some of our spooky decor. Getting ready for the season at hand. Fun Stuff.
Little Miss O.

It is truly amazing what dreams can come true at the dollar store. I let Ben pic one thing during a recent visit and he came home as an adventureous (and tired) pirate.

A Wonderful Gift: My friend Lynn knit and sent us this adorable hat for Olivia. :) It is so soft and sweet and I love it so much and so does she!
Tonight, one of our neighbors gave these Halloween Coloring Books to the kids. I am very grateful for the wonderful people who surround us here and make us feel so loved, supported and cared for through so many ways. The kids reallly enjoyed coloring in front of the fire place. Yes, fireplace season is upon us. Tonight we had the best dinner: Salad, Pizza & Wine (and Milk). Simple and Good. Today I got a lot of organizing and cleaning done.
These days there are always crayons on my table and cherrios on my floor. There are sticky loud little people everywehre. Endless laundry and dishes. Closet lights left on and front doors left open. There is often a misc. toy left in the bathroom among an unflushed toliet. There is garabage that has missed the garabage can and crumbs all about. There is the occasional legos to be stepped on. There are screams, fights and cries......but there is also... alot of laughter. Alot of joy and smiles and so many hugs and I love yous. There is dancing in the kitchen. There are beautiful pieces of art created with those crayons. I get to be witness to the pretend fantasy worlds of all the toys about. There are little souls playing and imagining. The lights left on are a sign that someone was there, looking for something special. The laundry tells me that there are some little creatures here, wondering about around this amazing earth exploring and discovering and need some cleaning when the day is done. The empty plates and crumbs tell me that there is a family here that is being well fed and nourished on many levels. So, yes my life is filled with chaos and clutter. Yes, I get tired, pray for peace and even want to run away once in a while....but for the most part....the part that is in my heart, that breathes my soul, the part that defines who I am and what I want...that part is happy..and filled with the most pride and joy. That part knows how very blessed that I am to be lost, yet belong - among the crayons and cherrios.

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