Friday, October 01, 2010

Here's the Buzz...

So, my friends tell me I must blog, so here I am. :) not sure if I have anything of high interest to share so I shall just speak my thoughts of the moment and call it a day. Besides clearing the dinner table/dishes - washing my make up off is the most dreaded part of my day. But my current motto with misc. tasks at hand is : Out of the Strain of the Doing INTO the Peace of the Done. I keep this in mind as I struggle to get through and once I am through, I realize that I survived and I am o.k. We had half a cow delivered today. It's in the freezer. It has been an extremily busy and crazy week. Somethings occurred that I asked for great support from the Lord above and he has granted me: peace, patience and faith so I am hanging in there. In addition to these items life has been rolling by quickly and crazily. I have joined the ranks and started pulling out my Halloween decor per the childrens request. I absoutley LOVE looking at old halloween pics, etc. Also, we have so many fun and scary halloween books, so that is always a joy during this season. I can't even begin to explain how much I love this cool, crisp air coming through my window right now. It just makes me feel so happy. It inspires me and breathes life into me. Dear Autumn, I invite you to stay fact, I insist upon it. Please. Moving on..... the baby fell off my bed this evening as I was putting laundry away. She was in the middle of the bed on her playmat and before i knew it she had rolled herself off. ugh. so scary but I think she is o.k. Smufs are blue. So, halloween approaches and it is usually so me to get the prefect costumes for the youngins, but this year, I just gave in to their desires instead of my own goals and wishes. Ben abosutley wanted to be batman when he saw the costume in the store. UGH, BORING. I am sorry but there is a batman or two around every corner....but it is what makes him happy. Not creative, not different....not exciting ...but what his little hart desires most so...I let it be. And Isabelle wanted to be Glinda from OZ. Well I searched this one horse town for such a costume and came up empty handed thus far, so she said her second choice would be a cute witch......well, let me tell you there are many witches to be found around this neck of the we picked a super cute witch costume , added some stripped tights and a broom and the girl is all set to start her tricks and potions. Isabelle was a witch when she was approx. 3 years of age, so kind of neat she had the desire again. I must say, I know a witch is not orginal but it is fun! NOw, left is the baby. Having a very difficult time with this one... my true desrie is to make / find her a costume in the shape of a Candy Corn. Shove the kid in the triangle with her head popping out and call it a day...but so far not so easy to find. My other thought is a flower bunting (Isabelle was a sunflower as a baby and I LOVED that costume but we dont have it any more). So anyway, I am on a mission to get this sweet love of mine, something adorable (for pictures of course). Speaking of pictures, I finally got to scrap a few pages the other day. It was glorious. I made the best muffins yesterday, so simple and they are healthy for you. Or as my friend Pat used to say, they are GOOD and GOOD for you. hehe They are pumpkin spice and they are simple and awesome. If you want the recipe, contact me. O.k., I think that is it for now, I want to watch some Grey's on Hulu and call it a night. Sweet Dreams ya'all.

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