Saturday, October 16, 2010


o.k. no new pics yet, but some musings. sorry. O.k., so I came to this realization today...I have been going about the world in an illusion created by myself. I thought I was 34. I am 35 flippin years old, not 34!!!!! I have been telling people 34 , I have been thinking 34....I mean, I think I was thinking 34, anyway...wanted to make that correction since my brain is currently functioning. So can I tell you something? I wish I could take my dog, yank his voice box out and throw it in the mississippi river. and no I did not capitalize a proper river and yes, I sang the mississippi spelling in my head to make sure I got it right. Seriously this dog gives me a headache every single day of my life.....but thats all I am going to say on that subject for now. And please note the kindness I extend by stating that I would throw his voice box and not his whole self into the river. unbelievable! I have not even left the baby for 5 minutes and she is up already. This is where I might state something like: Jesus Christ Superstar give me a break! And now the dog hears the baby crying and he is barking....lovley cycle I tell ya. I did not get any good mail today...but I did make out some mail today (baptism invites, etc)....all I need is stamps. Seriously, stamps are such a pesty thing. If I didnt need stamps, they would be at their destinations already...well maybe. So I guess I should go since she is still crying and seems to not be magically falling back asleep. So this 35 year old woman is signing off. Have a nice Saturday evening.

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Nikki said...

LOL, you poor girl! I hope you can make it Saturday, it sounds like you could REALLY use a fun girls night!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I miss you :)