Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Salad & Soup

--------Homemade Egg Salad & Beef Barley Soup---------
-I just dropped my hardboiled egg in the dishsoap filled sink - Slippery little sucker.
-Today I ordered Olivia's Halloween's going to be Purrrfect!!!
-I have some kind of head, ear ache situation going on. joy.
-I overcame my laziness and am baking banana bread today. Smells good.
-Ben got to dress like a superhero for school today, he was SuPeR excited.
-I miss my paintings and other crafts. Someday I shall return to my art space.
-That someday will be after I get our home a little more organized.
-So that someday might be never.
-I bought Ben an old school batman dvd today to help him prepare for his costume.
-I love the kids Art Work on my fridge.
-I should probably take a shower today.
-Olivia & I didn't sleep very well last night.
-Isabelle & Ben love their pillow pets (unicorn & dog).
-I think I will make beef strogonoff for the evening meal.
-I have to return books to the library. debating if I should drop them at the box or make an event out of the situation.
-I really don't have much to say today so I say: goodbye and good day.

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