Saturday, October 23, 2010

should be napping

Olivia has kept me up for 1/2 the night for at least 3 nights in a row now. Im exhausted. I should be napping but I can't. Im yawning but I can't lay down. Got to pick Isabelle up from a birthday party in a little while. I should take a shower right now since Olivia is sleeping, but I am too tired. I am taking Ben to superhero bowling tonight, it is a mom/young son event. This is our first time attending and Ben cannot wait. He's most excited he gets to wear his Halloween costume a week early. Might try to get to the Train of Terror tonight as well if possible. Went to coffee with a group of friends this a.m., that was so nice. Even though it's rainy and cold, I got a peach smoothy because I had already had too much coffee at home. This is the rainy cold kind of day in which I want to stay home in my nice warm pajamas next to the fire and read a good book. Maybe it is the onset of the cold weather, but I have the desire to start a reading group up again. I miss meeting with friends and discussing books. Of course my alone (without the kids) time is very limited, so I should probably not add something I might not be able to do. I can hear the Train of Terror whistle as I type. k. I gotta go.

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