Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Let it begin.

Our first ZuZu pet. As a special end of the school year gift, Aunt Mary let the kids pick out a gift. Isabelle has wanted a zuzu pet forever...and finally her dreams have come true (Ben was gonna get a zuzu but opted for a nerf gun instead). Pinkalicious is it's name just in case you're inquiring.
Buckets of Fun. All weekend the kids emerged themselves in H20. Summer has offically begun!
Miss O is showing more & more personality every day.
It is hard to show Noah's amazing garden in a photograph because I can't get it all in one shot, but here's the gist of a large portion of it. So far we have eaten radishes, lettuce and spinach from it. Peas should be ready soon.
I am determined to keep my flowers alive this year. Let the challenge begin!

----Misc. thoughts on a sunny a.m.-----
Every time I look out the window I see at least one bunny.It's so nice not to do the morning school routine, I could get used to this. Isabelle has dance rehearsal for ALICE all week. The show is this Saturday! Noah chopped down my favorite tree this weekend. It was kind of dead but I liked it anyway. We had these awesome grilled steak sandwiches this weekend - the recipe was from Martha Stewarts current Living mag.Olivia is currently in size 0-3 clothes. no more newborn :( I have not made one thank you note yet for Olivia's gifts nor have I even concepted a Birth Announcement yet. Those are goals for this week for me. I reopened my etsy store for now. So I hope to get to make some new items this week since I have practically nothing in it. Noah planted 6 blueberry bushes this weekend. We have a mini orchard and should actually be getting some soon! I started reading a fiction book called: The Four Corners of the Sky by Michael Malone (so far so good). I'm out of birdseed. Isabelle wants her hair cut short. I think we will get it cut within the next few days. Finally watched the movie: Where the Wild Things Are. This has always been on of my favorite storybooks. I am very disappointed in the movie. very. Although I am sure I could munster up many more thoughts, I have some scrambled eggs to make. Good Day!

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Anonymous said...

Good choice on the nerf gun Ben.

two zu-zu's might have been to much for mommy. They'd freak me out.

-Unkle Al