Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Theses days, Sweet & Sweat.

Life is sure sweet these days. A tiring chaotic Circus of Crazy Overwhelmness, but good. I always dread going to the store with 3 children. The deer are eating our blueberries and maybe that's sort of o.k. I like blueberries, but I like deer as well. I ordered a shirt I have always convented: MORE COWBELL. (will farrell skit from snl), well, the shirt arrived, I love it and I sport it in all it's glory. A chuckle constant in my noggin as the skit goes along through my thoughts. good stuff.

So, in this life we are supposed to choose the things we trust. I trust that I buy a fish..and I hope that it lives...it dies. We are now on betta #2. Although, not as pretty as the first one (Jackson Bob), this new guy (Woody Lightyear), I have great faith in his survival. I do. All precautions have been made for proper arrival and homefront. The great thing about Woody Lightyear, is that I learned some great news...if he croaks within 90 days, with receipt I can replace him. I forgot to ask if I have to return him...but I guess well cross that bridge if we come to it and here is the big question of the day...if Woody ceases to swim before the 90 days are up, will I still have my receipt? Doubtful considering that my brain has been less than organized these days. (sorry if I have bad spelling during this post, but I am honestly not in the mood to check my grammer and such, so whatever is and that's the way it is and you can accept it or not and really theres nothign more to say on the subject at this moment in time). So, other things in life that we learn to "trust" is when one purchases a watermelon at the supermarket and it is clearly labeled, :seedless:, that we believe with all our heart that it is seedless....only to joyously chop into it to learn that it's not so seedless after all is said and done. there's several white seeds and even some black seeds. very disappointing I must say. I know in the big scheme of things, really truly it is no big deal...yet it is, I bought & thought seedless...yet NOT. It was Sweet though. And this incident was not as shocking and disappointing as to open a can of chicken progresso soup, only to find the contents inside to be: beef. You can bet I wrote them a strongly worded letter of my concerns. Come to think of it, they never wrote back. So, this day was as hot as heck. why oh why Lord, is it such a humid, sticky summer thus far...the summer in which I have no air conditioning (because we are waiting to replace it with a whole new furnace type system). I suffer. I suffer greatly. Fans are super, yeah sure, but honestly on days like this they are crap and don't do the trick. On hot yuky days , I am most likely to be unproductive, yet today, a force within me, beyond the sweat and dripping sorrow...a force seemed to keep pushing me along to tackle a most dreaded task. See, I was kid free (besides the baby...well and the dog) for most of the day, so I decided to tackle the dreaded bedroom of Child #1 and Child #2. This room has become so horrid that one could not even walk in there to tuck their children in at night, I just had to say goodnight at the door, by shouting across the room...across the toys and the clothes piled to the ceiling. Today, I braved this chore. Well after many sweat and tears (no blood this time), I acomplished a great deal of organization and such. Although, there are still many details to contend with, I feel good about what is done. So I must say: good job to thy self. good job. O.k. - so when one tackles such a giant task, all else suffers. The rest of the house although already at a state of distress, became more so. But, seriously, there is only so much time in the day....and I had a deceiving watermelon to cut and a new fish to pray for...so some things must wait for another day.

I have the best news in the history of the nation...last night we bought some CURTAINS and RODS for the living room! Whoah, finally. After the longest time, when I had actually just accepted that there would be none and to get used to it, they fell into my life and I grabbed them up. I don't know if they are the right color or size, I don't know if they match the living room or eachother, I don't know if they easily collect dog hair or how durable they are, I don't know if they let light shine in and I don't know if I want them to, but at this point I don't care! Of course they are not hung yet, but that day will come, I have a feeling. I TRUST that they will be up soon and all will be right with the world. goodnight friends & family - luv ya.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE reading your blog. you have an amazing heart!! And three beautiful babies!

Oh, I got one of those false watermelons too!