Friday, June 18, 2010

glass, baby, fish, bees & peas

Drinking Glasses that I painted last night! I absolutely seriously love this Art! It was so truly fun to make these. I still need to bake them (to set the paint properly), and then I will list them in my Etsy store. If anyone wants glasses of any type ( wine, martini, vases, etc. )painted, I will be taking special requests/custom orders. I can make serious pretty type subjects also (I was in a fun colorful mode for these). I can also do ceramics. Contact me for a project review/price estimate. :)
Noah enjoys provoking this pouty face on Olivia.
This is Jackson Bob, our new Betta Fish. Before I even got to post his picture and tell you about our adventures, he has kicked the bucket.
The secret beekeepers society...Here is Noah and his friend reviewing and restructuring his hives. It looks like we will have honey sooner than expected.
Fresh Garden Snap Peas!
So, for an unscheduled - take it easy summer, we have been going non-stop. So many wonderful outings & visits. The house is neglected...but there is only so much time in the day. Well, I better go at least do something productive before this day escapes. Happy Friday Ya'all.

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