Thursday, June 03, 2010

Cinderella, you can keep the cleaning chores.

Some stuff I have been making (journals, albums, cards) when I can sneak into my craft corner (it's a corner now, no longer a room, but it's all good - I am not complaning...maybe I will call it my "Creative Creation Nook" that sounds much better.
"The Hair Cut". Isabelle has recently had a major desire to chop off her locks. I agreed since brushing is always a battle. Although I will miss braiding her hair, I absoultey LOVe her new Style and so does she. It fits her personality perfectly. She is so excited, she can't stop looking in the mirror and she tells everyone we come across (stranger or known fellows) that she got a hair cut. I got a hair cut also, but it's nothing to boast about as with my typical fashion as of late, I just whip it up in a pony tail and move on with my day. sad but true, I know.
crazy, happy, dirty summer kids. ben was wearing 2 shirts & 2 pairs of underwear during this photo.
What is a post without a picture or two of the newest addition. These photos are in great demand, so I must supply. Don't you just want to squeeze her?
Speaking of this Sweet girl, she kept me up alot of the night last night. I am on coffee cup #2. Usually I am a 1 cup person. Today the sun is shining and it is beautiful out (after the storms last night). Last night we went to a mexican restaurant for dinner and I ordered turkey and the kids ordered french toast. At least noah got something mexicany. We are really gearing up for the Alice In Wonderland production over here. Dress rehearsals the next 2 days...I am honestly getting a little nervous for my little RED Flower. If you are local and can make the show, it is at the masonic temple on saturday - both at 2pm or 7pm. The thing about the rain is that it makes the dog super I think I will make chicken salad for lunch today and hopefully we make it to the park for a bit. I should clean the house, but honestly, I don't have that desire in my soul at the moment, so I don't think it could be done even if I tried. Cinderella, you can keep the cleaning chores, I am so not in the mood today. I swear we spent at least an hour or more in the basement yesterday in which I instructed the children to clean their playroom....well I must say at the end of our run down there....we still canno't walk through the room. Did not get very far. Kids like to stop and play with whatever toy they are putting away and I got tired of being a drill seragent (sorry if that's spelled wrong). Yesterday as we were in Kmart (might I say that taking 3 kids to the store is not a fun or easy task by any means, but must make the best of it), we came across an older woman that was talking to us (Isabelle was telling her about her haircut) and as we walked away not even 2 steps away, Ben announces: That was a really nice REALLY OLD lady! I am very inspired by some of my friends who are creating "camps" at home this summer. I think I will do an ART camp for the kids. They just love to do projects and honestly we don't do enough of them. That reminds me, Dear Readers: When, I see you in person remind me to tell you the story of how Isabelle sold 2 pieces of knotted string for $20 bucks. Happy Thursday ya-all!

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