Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Day is Done,,,

...Gone the Sun.
(for some reason the photos insert is not working, so I will just write):
I love the freedom of the summer. Yet, I miss the routine of non-summer.
I wish I had all the change back that I ever threw into a fountain or a well on a mountain top..., then I could by myself a peach smoothie.
Everytime I see a banana start to get brown spots, I get sad and I think about how I wish it didn't have to be that way. So quickly, the fleeting moments of perfect yellow are gone.
I despise dog hair with every ounce of my being.
I admire the light on the tree leaves just at sunset.
I have a favorite pen that I must always use. It's been like that for a long time and always will be so. Nothing will ever replace the perfectness of the zebra f-301 fine ball point pen. (extra fine and misc. ink colors are welcome as well).
I don't put crackers in my soup.
I don't like to chew gum.
I have never mowed the lawn.
I wrote a poem about the children, it goe's like this """I bet a million trillion buckaroos, there will be a trail of toys, and they will ask for ice cream before the night is through.""""
I think there is a cat dying outside as I type.
There are lots of muddy shoes at the front door.
I miss the tv show: All in the Family.
I want to go catch lightening bugs right now, but I am too tired, plus I might have an encounter with that dying cat.
The air is coming through the window right now and it is pefect cool. Just a light crispness that reminds me to feel and breathe. love it.
Quite often I call Ben: "Little Boy Blue" . Every single day that boy puts a smile on my face with his little plans of play. Always up to something. Often with two pairs of underwear and one sock on.
Isabelle really has no clue how beautiful she is. I hope that she will realize it some day, when the time is right. :) I could stare at her face forever. Every single night at bedtime she tells me that she loves me with all her heart...and I believe her.
I make bookmarks for people all the time, yet I never have any for my books. I either use an index card, or fold a page down or soemthing along those lines. There was once upon a time that it was against my personal reading religion to ever fold a page in a book, that time is gone. Also, you probably won't find a book of mine that doesn't have notes written it, underlines or hightlights. I have always done that ((most likely with a zebra pen)).
A movie I wish I did not see is: The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas.
I wonder whatever happened to the store called: Pharmor (not sure on the spelling).
Which makes me thinkg of the WONDERbread factory I used to visit for a tour. We used to be sent home with the most adorable little mini loves of bread. I wish I could buy those in the store. I could make mini pb & j sandwiches. how cute. I was going to by WONDERbread today but it was over a dollar more to the next best thing so I refused.
I need to save change so I can make changes.

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