Saturday, June 26, 2010

baby ruth & cloth napkins

I did it! I finally scrapbooked after a long long time (like a year or so, seriously). It has been on my mind every single day, yet I never get to it. Well, today...I did it. Sure it is only one page. But, it's something. I have offically started to get kid #3's memories documented. What a grand acomplishment. My feelings of late in regards to my scrapbooking is: KISS - keep it simple stupid. I will not put pressure on myself for the perfect page. I don't need fancy anything. I just slap some pictures on...handwrite a few ponderings and pretty much call it done. This page is a 12x12. I was fortunate to find that I had paper that matched Olivia's outfit exactly (yellow with green dots), what are the chances of that? I wrote a short note about how the kid didn't seem to be in a photogenic mood. Maybe I'll whip up another page tomorrow!
A deer. A deer. A female deer. - So this lady has been hanging around our neck of the woods. Sorry for the poor quality of film, I had taken the shot through the window in fear that if I ran outside with my camera and screamed: say cheese!: that the deer might quickly gallop away.

Here is my baby girl smiling away. She sure does love to smile. Many things light up her day. So fun! I just want to squeeze her right now as I type this, but she is sleeping and there is no way that I am rocking that boat.

Here is that little sweetie again. What a doll.
I call this photo: A Trio of Trouble.
So, this day was long and hot and humid and I am glad that it's over. I am going to grab a glass of wine and watch me an episode of friday night lights off of Hulu. Noah has been gone this weekend for a trip, so I have been a single parent. I don't mind being a temporary single parent, I do mind being a single parent in this heat. ugh. (no air people, have I mentioned before?, I think so). ((Side note: we do have a window unit, but seriousy, it's not like we can stay all day in the bedroom and not want to beat eachother with sticks, we have a life to live, things to do so staying in the one room is not an is something that I look forward to in the evening, a bedtime retreat, a moment that saves me from the sultry, sticky day)). I decided to let the kids paint and watch movies all day (regrets, I have a few). I cleaned, made a few things for my etsy store, and scrapped (as shown above). I was thrilled to the moon to find the new summer issue of : LIFE BEAUTIFUL in the store today. I have not read it yet, savoring it for some quiet not such torturous time tomorrow. Ben MADE me write this on his baseball: "Baby Ruth, I knew you are dead but, I love you so much. You are the greatest baseball player " - Ben. It just amazes me how Ben has taken such a liking to baseball these days. It has not been forced upon him in any way...yet that seems to be his sport of choice (just like his dad). Quite often if you look at Ben's feet around the homefront, he is wearing only one sock. Whenever I ask him about it, he tells me that the other one fell off. Little weirdo - but he's mine. Something that Isabelle does that I just adore is she writes little notes saying: I LOVE YOU MOM, love Isabelle and she leaves them all over the house for me. It always makes me smile to find one . I found one on my pillow today. (she probably just came in my bedroom to get some refreshing AC). Housewares: In regards to kitchen dinner plates/bowls ,etc. I am so tired of the mismatched. Sure sometimes it's fun that everyone can have a different plate, but now I want some unity. I have these wonderful white textured plates/set that I have been saving? Why the hell am I saving them? My new goal will be to do a plate switch out and since the plates ars just all plain...I am going to get some fun decorative mismatched cloth napkins. (I know above I said I'm tired of mismatched, but that is in regards to the totally different than napkins). So far I have found some neat Owls and some Vintage Little Red Ridinghood ones. I think fun cloth napkins defintely add flare to the table setting. sorry im rambling, just thinking outloud, which I could do forever, so goodbye for now. :) p.s., why is hanging things on the wall always so scary? it's like I don't want to blemish the wall in anyway and what if I change my mind about placement? I'm working on my fears though, cuz I hung a few items this weekend and seriously if anyone is going to leave marks on the wall... I think the kids and the dog already have that task covered. goodnight.

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