Saturday, August 29, 2009

misc. roundup

This is Ben a few weeks back, trying on my brother's fireman helmet. My brother is in training right now for the Chicago Fire Department and we are all so very proud of him! Ben has also taking a special shine to fireman/trucks lately! He especiallly gets excited if he sees a truck go by. Good Luck Al, we know that all your hard work will pay off and you will succeed wonderfully! Now we are going to have to paint Huntley white with black spots!

On the homefront: let's see. It's the moment. Paul & Celia (aka grandparents, hehe) took the kids for an overnight last night. They had a fun filled evening planned that included: hot dogs, ice cream, popcorn, movies. Noah and I decided to go on a sort of date. We went out for dinner: mexican. I had tacos. boring I know. Noah has faijitas. Then we proceeded to blockbuster to pick out 3 flicks to buy/watch. We choose : New in Town (my minnesota friends recommended it), slumdog millionaire (sorry I dont feel like looking up any spelling today and yes we are behind the times by finally seeing this) and Milk with Sean Penn. We watched New in Town. Cute. Ya can't really complain about Harry Connick Jr. Then we decided to watch Slumdog ...and I will have to report on that some other time since I fell asleep about half way into it. So back to this morning, I am drinking orange juice and enjoying the silence.

This week was so busy with getting the hang of school and LOTS of RAIN. Here's some kid tidbits since I don't really know what else to share at the moment. I have been trying to write down their funnies more lately because I have been a slacker for quite sometime. By the way I did get a call from Isabelle's school this week asking if she wears glasses, that she was saying that she couldn't see the blackboard. Those who know my daughters plight, it is her biggest dream to get glasses and with a recent eye exam a few months ago (when we addressed this obsession in kindergarten) she receieved an analaysis of 20/20 vision, pefect seeing. Just wanted to let you know that this issue has resurfaced. Onto other rambles: Isabelle asked me this week (related to previous): How do you pick your glasses if you can't see? The other day after Ben got into some trouble, I asked Ben what I am going to do with him and he responded very enthusiasticly, "Put me in the car and a time out!" I asked Isabelle to describe to me a girl she was speaking of recently and she said as follows: "Well, she has blondish brownish hair and a couple of loose teeth, but I can't remember what color her eyes are." (well thanks, that description was a huge help, I know exactly who you are talking about now! hehe). This week at one of our dinner times, Isabelle started eating and Ben decided to yell at her: Isabelle! You have to say the PWEAR! hmm! and he fold his hands (It is Isabelle's job to say the prayer...I wonder if we should pass some duties onto Ben , haha).

In other thoughts: I don't know why I even put napkins or silverware out for the children at mealtime. It goes unused or on the floor so either way that's a lose lose for me. I think my children have gotten extra loud latley and I think I have found many more new grey hairs. Something in my kitchen was smelling horrible for the last day or so, I think I have finally rid the situation (I hope) at first I thought it was food in the garbage but then I have discovered these towels under the sink that are wet and seem to have something on them! So I threw those away (not in the kitchen garbage) in hopes of clean air. I hate when something like that is a mystery..but i guess it keeps my skills sharp. o.k., I am off. The day awaits and time is fleeting. Happy Saturday ya-all

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

dancing cousins

I got to help in Ben's classroom this tuesday! Here he is with his teacher, showing and telling about his: george. I must say, that being in this room with approx. 15 three year olds....was extremily Exhausting! It was also so fun too, I would do it again in a second!....but, not every day.

Today: It's rainy. It's a home cleaning day for sure. Mopping floors, doing dishes and laundry and trying not to completely injure myself by the toys laying all over. Isabelle was crabby this morning, I hope she is having a good day at school. I just found out that Extreme Home makeover is coming our area. That's exciting. Can't wait to hear the details. I have a fear that my water filter will run out before I get a new one. I also have an anxiety about running out of garabage bags. Life is tough. K... I better not chat all day...I have stuff to do. Maybe I will even bake some banana bread. I will leave you with some visual lovelies. Happy Wednesday!

Mexican for Dinner! Looks disqusting doesn't it? It was quite excellent. This weekend we joined some family in Elk Grove Village for this fine meal and entertainment by the children. May I present: Crazy Dancing Cousins:

Friday, August 21, 2009

2nd day of School Notes

Here we see Miss Isabelle looking out the window, waiting to get in the car and leave. She could not wait to get to school this morning and so we left early!
Ben dressed himself this morning and just could not understand why he was not going to school today. He wanted to go to his class today too and was pretty disappointed that he could not.

I missed getting a picture of Isabelle with her teacher yesterday, so I made sure to get one today. When I left Isabelle this morning, she was talking her teachers ear off about her weekend plans....
The new park district program came out and how neat to find the Children featured on the halloween page! Last fall, the park took their picture while we were at an event and asked if it could be used in publications. So cool! I grabbed a few copies. hehe
Today is actually sweatshirt/sweater weather! I ordered some pictures, can't wait to pick them up. I have dreams of scrapbooking again someday. goodbye for now. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back TO SchooL

Well, the first (1/2) day went off without a hitch. The kids really enjoyed their time at school today. The day started out very rainy and cool...but by the time they got out , the sun was bright and beautiful. Isabelle said she had so much fun. Ben informed his teacher right away that he took a bath. I have even been asked to help out in Ben's classroom next tuesday, so I am super excited about that! In celebration of this special day, I took the kids to get a happy meal and they must have actually been hungry because they ate it! Isabelle is now playing with neighborhood friends and I got Ben down for a NAP. <--miracle. The wind is blowing and it is time to clean this messy abode. Tonight I will be making chicken/broccoli casserole for the evening meal. Oh!, during my 2 1/2 hours of freetime today...I got several errands done and even had time to read to boot! whoah.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Rainy Monday

Flowers From a Friend's Garden.
What I believe to be Ben's favorite birthday present: Batman

Random Thoughts & Notes on this Rainy Monday Morning:
The coffee does not taste so great this a.m. and I did not sleep well last night at all. Yesterday, I had Ben get undressed, I picked up his pile of clothes that he left behind only to find that he was wearing 3 pairs of underwear under his shorts! Little weirdo - lol. I can't wait to see the Julie/Julia movie that I hear great things about, I have been invited a couple different times, but still have not been able to go. :(. I love that Ben still rubs the satin edging of his favorite blanket, It reminds me that he is still my baby. Both kids are now offically up by the way so not sure how much my typed thoughts will translate properly due to constant interruption, noise and delay. When summer is over, I will not miss the constant tracks of chalk from shoes that goes through my living room floor. Tonight is Isabelle's open house at school to meet her teacher. We are very excited. I am thrilled to start the school year. I am so ready to get into routine with the kids, I think we all function so much better that way. The looseness of summer is super in it's own way of course but it's not what I truly desire. Garden: thanks to the darn ground hogs, we have no flippin green beans this year. In my strive to recoginize gratitude in all situations, I am thankful for the other produce that has produced. Speaking of flippin - yesterday we were out to breakfast with Aunt Mary and after we decided on a whim, that we could still make it to church. Well, I was wearing my napoleon dynomite "flippin sweet" t-shirt and had not showered, so we opted to sit in the very back of the church. As I struggled to keep the children at bay, Ben managed to visit with several families in surrounding pews rather than to sit nice with us, luckily they were all so kind and welcoming to his impromptu and uninvited involvement in their space and religious experience. Quite challenging that boy, have I mentioned? Last night Noah made chicken Parm. from scratch - it was excellent. Of course with a great meal, many dishes come along and that's my job. Sometimes I would rather just have a bowl of cereal. I need to order lots of pictures. Speaking of pictures, I haven't had time to scrapbook in ages. This makes me sad. I miss it. Ben has just made Isabelle cry. Let's find out the reason. He is saying he is sorry, that it was an accident. She just informed me that he hit her in the nose with his batman. I am anticipating my favorite time of year approaching - fall. For countless reasons, it is the best season of all in my book. Related: I can't wait for MOPS to start up again. Right now, I am searching my soul regarding a neighborhood situtation. I am praying for the answers of the best way to handle something that is bringing me much confusion and stress. It is a challenge that I want to handle properly. So I am opening my heart and quieting my thoughts, to what is really going on and what really needs to be done and what part I play in this scenerio. Ben just put his fruit snacks int the back of his little semi-truck. I should make some more coffee. So here I have rambled and rambled, I know this post may give a negative vibe..but I do not feel negative...I am just entertaining and sorting some thoughts that are dancing around in my noggin. I am thankful for a beautiful day ahead with no major requirements or obligations. A day for the kids to play free and for me to get done what I can within my power. Good day my friends. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

March of the Penquins

I saw this idea online and fell in love with it. Penquin appetizers! These little guys were so easy and fun to make and such a hit among the guests. They are made from: Black Olives, Carrots, Cream Cheese & toothpicks. They even tasted good to boot! Happy Sunday ya-all.

Happy 3rd Birthday Ben!

Ben woke up as a 3 year old with some major mosquito bites on his head! Poor little guy! He didn't care though...because he also woke up to a few surprises. We kept Ben's birthday low-key & simple. It was so great. We had such a wonderful family day. :)
This is the super amazing cake that the kids "helped" me make. Green on the inside...and this super masterpiece on the outside. Sometimes life requires fancy impressive cakes...sometimes life calls for something else. :)
Ben was thrilled to the moon to find this sign in the morning. (Thank you Grandma Barb!).
Look Sally & Betsey at the shirt that Ben decided he wanted to wear all day fo r his birthday! Well the shirt & spiderman underwear of course! hehe
Ben was quite a character all day! Very excited and happy and double filled with energy. He was also very good, being patient about opening presents and eating cake not til the evening. Here he is telling us.. "ME Hawwy Podder!"
We had some family over and grilled hamburgers. It was such a joy to watch Ben open his gifts. He recieved such wonderful presents! He had to explore them all! By the end of the evening, Ben was truly exhausted. Dirty face and all, he blew out his candles in one try. Happy Birthday to my SUPER Wonderful LIttle Boy and thank you to everyone who helped celebrate and make it such a special day with recent visits, cards, emails, gifts & calls. :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

park fun & other notes

One of our favorite activities at the park. Duck. Duck. Goose.
We forgot some bread today. :(
Isabelle on her new bike. She absolutely loves it. She wanted red. The only red bike available was a boys bike. She does have a pink princess seat, helmet and pads though! hehe

Isabelle swinging on a new part of the park.
Ben riding his Big Wheel.
This was fun. We should do it more often!
The park was beautiful this morning. I figured we might as well get in as much as we can before school starts. Speaking of school, we stopped by the school offices yesterday to turn in some final paperwork and we found out who Isabelle is getting for a teacher and saw her classroom. We also got a tour of the whole building and then stopped by Ben's school and he got to see his classroom and meet his new teachers (Isabelle's preschool classroom and teachers!). So that was fun and exciting for us all. We are gathering school supplies and trying to get into a routine as the big day approaches. Ben has a dr. appt. scheduled for Thursday to make sure he is in tip top shape to enter the learning enviornment. This saturday, Ben will turn 3 years old! Everytime I ask him how old he will be, he says: 6. I ask him what he wants and he says: Toys. Today we picked up some spiderman plates/napkins/decor for just a simple/home/family celebration for this weekend. I got up at 4ish today....I really wish I could take a nap. I don't think there is a chance of that...

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Isabelle

Happy 6th Birthday to My Beautiful Isabelle Claire.

A Glimpse of the TeA...

Isabelle had such an amazing birthday. The Tea Party was a hit despite the rainy weather that kept us indoors. Throughout the day, so many friends & family shared or sent Birthday wishes and made this such a special day. It was truly wonderful. Thank you everyone! According to Isabelle, this was her best birthday E V E R!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

frogs & suckers

I am in full party prep mode. Before I was a little nervous, but now I am getting very excited. There is still a TON to do before Isabelle's 6th Birthday - Tea Party (tomorrow), but I think somehow, I will get it pulled off! I might have to cut out some ideas...but that's o.k. hehe. The biggest possible damper to my plans would be the I am praying for a beautiful day so we can have a Garden Tea! Above pictured are some bean bag frogs (got the wonderful pattern from that I am making for a TOSS the FROG in a Pail type game. The pot on the side is just suckers with paper flower punches adhered to them. I have many other plans/ideas in the works...but you will have to wait until after the party to see those. hehe. Now, only if I can stop my projects to get some much needed housework done! I don't think it will be a wonderful party with dog hair on the floor and over-flowing garbage cans! Talk to you soon, until then...Happy Thursday!