Monday, December 01, 2008

Winter has arrived

My snow bunnies this morning!
Outside the window.
The drive to school.
Book I am making for the month of December called December Daily. Simple journaling or notes to document each day in December. May include some photos as well. Made out of a refurbished old hardbound novel, old pages extracted, now instead, has a binder mechanism to include hole punched festive papers. Cover: old storybook page.
So, December 1st has arrived for us as the start of a white wonderland. I must tell you that I do believe in miracles, because I found a snow brush instantly and easily this morning! With December 1st, we also started the chocolate advent calendars. Isabelle is super excited, Ben is excited as well, but doesn't really get the concept. He ripped the #1 door right off and grabbed his chocolate prize.....but then was very upset to learn that was all that he could open for today. He wanted more! I also know it is winter because I have whipped out my Apacha wool knitted hat. It is funny looking, I know, but I absoutley LOVE it. It's a little itchy though and Lance always wants to sniff my head when I wear it. O.k....I have much cleaning to do. This weekend was quite busy (thanksgiving, noah's work dinner/dance, company, etc) so I have a whirlwind of chaos to sort through and catch up on. Wishing you a wonderful and warm day wherever you are!

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