Thursday, December 18, 2008

A storm is brewing...

My little snowBenny.
(this morning we were running late so I left him in his pajamas)
Preparing some of the teachers gifts this morning.
(accordion scrapbook and peanutbutter balls)

It is coming. They keep warning us. It will be here soon and it will be huge. There is a Winter Storm coming our way starting this afternoon/evening, I believe. Provisions must be made just in case we need to hybernate for a few days...

I finally ordered Our Christmas cards. I need to pick those up. The kids have totally loved watching the charlie brown christmas specials this season and any time Ben sees anything peanuts related he screams at the top of his lungs: Brown! Brown! So, that is the layout I ordered for our cards. I promise someday, I will start handmaking my own cards again...someday...just didnt make it this year. I must remember to buy stamps.

Isabelle has a daisy scout meeting after school today (if the weather holds up until then). I have a feeling that her school sing along and party will probably be cancelled tomorrow. They say it's going to be a rough one. I know the kids will be quite disappointed, but what can you do? We also have plans to travel to the chicago area this weekend. I hope the weather conditions work out for that trip.

I think that is all that I know at the moment since Ben is sitting on my lap and talking to me about trucks.

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