Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dear Santa

Christmas eve has arrived

Dear Santa,
Hello . how are you? I want a video game for Christmas. I want a strawberry shortcake tent for Christmas. I want a doll with a bow in her hair. It’s snowing a lot here. Please bring my little brother Ben, a car tent. How about a couple cars for Ben and a couple trucks for Ben. And I think that’s all. Me and Ben have been good this year. Oh yeah, I know what else I want. I want a moving cat. Like a white colored one and you shut it on and it moves. Drive carefully.
Love, Isabelle

anta! anta!,
cars! caRS! CARS pease!

Dear Santa,
My wish list is an 87 page document. I feel it would be most appropriate for me to send you a printed and bound copy with easy reference tabs. The very important items of top priority will be highlighted for you. Thank you kindly and Happy Sledding. -Cheryl

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