Saturday, December 06, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

female cardinal
more winter scenes

above: Ben was Thrilled to be stopped by "THOMAS the Train". haha
below: My adorable litle eskimo put his boots on the wrong feet.
JACK FROST IS EVIL. O.k. I know that winter has just begun, but I am tired of FREEZING! Last night I felt like I was on the icy deck of the Titanic. I know I should not complain but sometimes blankets and hot chocolate just don't cut it! I am truly chilled to the bone. rant is over....onto other things:
My readers may get sick of me taking photos of winter birds...but I must admit it is a small obsession of mine. So please bare with me during this time. Ben is wandering through the house with his arms up in the air asking where his blue car is? boo car? boo car? boo car? Other news: I suppose that Isabelle is offically a daisy scout now that I have signed the registration papers. How fun! Umm.. o.k. I think my fingers are too frozen to keep typing so I shall go for now. Today, Isabelle and I get to go see the Nutcracker Ballet (if we can get through the snow and cold that is). Right now I must go whip up some breakfast. Maybe scrambled eggs today for a change. Good Day to you all. Good day.

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