Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nuts & Cracks

Book club last night was quite delightful. We read a book (well, I got to page 67) called Wedding In December, so to follow that theme the girls put together a mini little wedding reception as our meeting! There were: nuts and cake and champagne and abdoveres and other surpises including a favor for each of us to take home! Fun Stuff!
Dreams come true, say they do say they do say they do...(anyone remember that song from The Movie Dream a little Dream? ) anyWHO..I wanted to share (by the way I never say anyWho in real life but it feels acceptable here) two of my favorite gifts. Finally, I got an IPOD NANO from Santa (noah). whoah!!!!!!! I got very special gifts from very special people and I thank everyone for their thoughtfulness and giving hearts! (also pictured is season 4 The Office dvd set from my bro).
Goodbye to all the Nuts and Crackers. I plan to put away Christmas decorations today. As they sing in the Sound of Music: So long, goodbye!

I just had to share this beautiful picture of my little Santa Baby. What an adorable little boy that I just want to squeeze all the time. At the moment he is watching the "Cars" movie. He has a small addiction. We were going for a ride the other day and told him to bring one of his cars along...he packed the whole case up and dragged it with.

Other notes/thoughts of possible interest or not:
I made bbq slow cooked pork sandwiches last night for dinner, it was funny when I was looking up recipes online, quite a few recipes came up for Slow cooked SQuIRReL. Do that many people really eat squirrel?
I have newly discovered the not so new artist/singer/songwriter: Tom Waits. The lyrics to some of his songs are just truly amazing and beautiful.
The Sun is shining. It is Wonderful to see and feel the sun after all this gloom. Well, I am currently being called to build a Train Track... Good Day to you!

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