Thursday, April 05, 2007

Where the wild things are....

Belle and Ben.We went to the zoo recently with my family for a spring celebration weekend. Here are just a few pics of our animal adventure. p.s. the trip was to Brookfield Zoo! Sooo many childhood memories there. It was so neat to be back, haven't been for a while.

Here's Isabelle brushing a goat. She was more concerned with introducing herself to all the children there and telling her name and asking theirs. Our little miss social butterfly.
The Mold-A-Rama! Take home any animal from the zoo in wax form! Keep it and love it forever (well until it melts or brakes or is lost among the masses of other toys and mementos).
Here is my brother helping Isabelle across the rocks in the children's zoo. The rocks, we as kids, crossed skipping-a-lou for as long as I can remember.
Although many animal photographs were taken...I am sharing Isabelle's favorite animal (this time)...the baby giraffe. (n. african animal with a very long neck and spotted skin).

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