Monday, April 30, 2007

Bones & Nuts

Look through Lance's Jaws...and you will see a baby squirrel. This squirrel showed up and decided to be adopted by Lance. It was really strange.. This squirrel just wanted to be around Lance all day Sunday! They were like best friends. Peas and Carrots. Bones and Nuts. Laying next to eachother, sharing water, etc. It was fun to see this odd interaction as they formed a relationship. It was challenging to keep Isabelle at her distance...She kept wanting to touch the squirrel (which she named Spice). Actually there is possbily a sad story behind the sudden appearance of this needy fellow. Noah was cutting the grass the other day, saw a dead squirrel in the ditch and accidently rode over it (and its guts spattered on him, he said it was totally gross) we are thinking maybe that was the mother. It's so weird because Lance chases squirrel's day in and day out, but he was very nice, gentle and accepting of this one.

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